Since When is Doom & Gloom all that Life has to offer?

Now let me get to a topic that has been wracking my brain for a while: The ability of human beings to always look at the dark side of things.

On the many sites that I have read poetry from, there is always more depressing poems about cutting than there is about anything happy. I understand that life is not always peachy and that it’s not as simple as following the yellow brick road(Hey even Dorothy went off the path): however, life is not always about gloom and doom. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to write, because the pain that each individual feels is different and at times poetry is therapeutic to them, but what about the good times? What about the times when suddenly, despite how brief, the world seems to be on your side? How about a time when you can honestly say all the troubles were able to be pushed to the back of your mind and you were able to embrace the good that life had to offer?

I understand there are those who have been abused, molested, raped, and so on and for those my heart goes out to because I could not imagine such a thing happening. For some people, not those that have experienced the above, I can’t help but feel that they cling to the gloom and doom, to the horrors that they face, its more of a place they want to stay rather than get out of. I could understand it to a certain degree; therefore I can sympathise, but when does one learn to find happiness or seek it?

I know easier said then done, but instead of putting so much energy into the negative, why not put as much if not more energy into the positive things that life has to offer, but again its just a thought.


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