Now Im not into psychology anymore, but I do believe that at times our dreams can bring forth what is troubling our subconscious, to our conscious and aid in helping us to fix it or address it. Then on the other hand I do believe that dreams can have a deeper meaning, it could be possible that two people who are on the opposite ends of the earth are having the same dream without every knowing it.

My thoughts about dreams have been building for awhile, but I took a break. However, I’m back to being interested especially since I know some people that can actually control their dreams or feel it. I’ve always wondered how people are able to do that, shift focus in their dreams and control it, because I’ve never experienced it. But when it comes to dreams I find it sucky when you have a really good dream, but then the next day or the moment you wake up, you no longer remember it, not matter how hard you try. The worse part is when it lingers in the back of your mind or at the forefront, but comes up blank still.

There is said to be techniques that can aid in remembering dreams that have been subconsciously locked away, but I don’t know if it really works or if its worth that much lol.


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