Florida Passes Law Banning Saggy Pants, Really?

Okay so I just checked out this website http://smileyandwest.ning.com/forum/topics/droopy-drawers-law, and was not impressed with the law passed by Florida banning sagging pants in public schools. Now I’m not a fan of this style of dressing, especially knowing the history of it, but passing a law on it honestly is overboard and unnecessary. Now for those who do not know where the sagging pants style come from, it comes from prison, yes prison think about it….it’ll sink in, anyway the style simply let those in prison alert to the fact that the male in question had been made to bottom to another inmate.

Now why this became some sort of fashion now, I have no idea and really could carless, but I will give the side eye to good ole Mr. Lil Wayne, who I believe, started the trend of buying skinny jeans and sagging them. Rant: For the life of me, I cannot understand the fascination of sagging skinny jeans. Hello! Its called skinny jeans for a reason! It’s supposed to fit you like a second skin, there is no room for air or sagging. If you want saggy pants, then just buy them! Oh and belts are very much supposed to be worn on the waist, not on your thighs or kneecaps!

Now back to the topic at hand, no I do not like sagging pants, yes I feel as though it should be addressed, but should it have its own law? H-E-Double hockey sticks NO! There are more pressing matters that should be addressed, than whether little Tommy likes to show his behind and boxers to the world. What about the states that are trying to pass laws that affect a woman’s right to have an abortion? What about the states that are trying to pass laws that will place a woman in jail if she miscarried? Or what about what they are doing to the residents of Benton Harbor, Michigan, where they are going to cut off their electricity and resources so that they can turn the place into a golf park for people who are wealthy, with no disregard to where the people in Benton Harbor will go? How about the fact that more funds are being cut for schools? Instead, they act like they are doing something and pass superfluous laws that are of minor importance.

If there is anyone that agrees with this law, then I dearly question your priorities along with the very idiots in Florida that signed on this and the person that even thought of this. How a kid chooses to dress should not be up to the state to decide sometimes it’s simply good ole home training, or is that also now archaic? If they are going to ban sagging pants then they need to ban the super short skirts and shorts the little teenage girls wear and then after that maybe they can ban kids and adults from dyeing their hair purple, green, and red. Like seriously, there are more important things to waste money on, it’s funny how there is all this talk of America being in debt, yet this same America is the first to waste money on stupid laws that cost more money than the paper it was signed off on. An example is the TSA body scanner which does the same job as the regular metal detectors, remember those? but are way more expensive. 

If people seriously allow this, then don’t be surprised when they pass more ridiculous laws and call it progress, but maybe just maybe Americans and Florida residents are smart enough to have this struck down and get those dummies removed from office, but a human can dream.


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