Really WWE, Really?

Alright so anyone that knows me know that I grew up on wrestling, I enjoyed the storylines, the moves, the wrestlers ūüėČ and overall the excitement of the crowd as well as the trash talking. All in all, wrestling was entertainment and that is what the WWE provided for me, until I finally saw a lot of glaring faults of the company. At first glance you would not notice it maybe, but when continuing to watch it, whether its Smackdown or RAW, you notice there is a continuous list of things the writers¬†put¬†in promos¬†that in honesty is not needed. The topic my friends is racism, yes racism.

Now first thing first, the WWE is run by a white man and the majority of wrestlers on both brands are white, which plays a role into how the business treats its wrestlers of color (WOCs) and please do not steal it, it’s mine! Now anyway the first person that brought insight into the brands nonsense is the wrestler known as JTG, yep that man right there—>JTG¬†¬†Now he is the complete stereotype of black males, chains, timberlands, showing underwear, talking crazy and from the hood *bows head*. Yep, but¬†Vince McMahon has no problems using him for the effect of “stereotypes are funny.” Now I’ve been told that this man came up with the gimmick himself and if that is true, than I wish that someone would slap him upside the head with a Malcolm X book and there are a lot of them. Don’t get me wrong, JTG is a good wrestler and has a lot of skill and potential, but it’s wasted away by his gimmick, they use him to big up the talent of other wrestlers, he is¬†like the black¬†stereotypical comic relief character that we see in movies and TV Shows, but this time its in the WWE, the wrestling world.

Next runner-up is a man who honestly I can’t decide whether he is just as bad as JTG or worse, either way he’s bad enough to make the list. R-truth, real name Ron Killings is a man who in reality comes from the streets and he’s had his own run in with the law before, a fact that¬†one of the announcers¬†has no problem continuously talking about, and is a great wrestler.The man is entertaining in the ring, okay on the mic, and seriously look at that man’s skin, it screams beauty! And that smile… Back to the subject either way he is a stereotype too. He raps,(nothing wrong with that honestly), he dances, *side eye*, and they recently turned him into a heel, a bad guy,¬†but they did it in a way that wasn’t unique, it fell into the angry black man stereotype category and a few black fans felt that way also. Now with this one WWE truly pissed me off, they seemed as though they would be finally giving him a push, they would finally capitalize on how good he is as a wrestler, with allowing him to win a huge wrestling event, but all hope was dashed when they allowed him to lose a rematch with his white counterpart pushing him back to the back of the line. That for me stung personally, because I was really hoping to see them give him the attention and praise he deserve, but yeah his gimmick reminds me of the shucking and jiving crap that white folks enjoyed during slavery, after slavery, and oh! Even in 2011.

Now this guy seriously when I think about it, should not be on the list, but he’s too important to the stupidity that plagues the WWE and its mistreatment of minority wrestlers, especially¬†African male wrestlers. Kofi Kingston, ¬†this man is one of my favorite wrestlers, too bad he had to make the list smh, but honestly I respect him. He is Ghanaian hence the name Kofi and he truly is beautiful he’s like a Ghanaian King, with that skin. I have a thing for deep complected skin that looks amazing, and he seems genuinely like a good guy. His wrestling is great, on the mic he entertains, and with the fans he really seems to interact. BUT there are people who believe he’s Jamaican and you know why? Cause the WWE decided it wouldn’t be as great to market him as the West African, Ghanaian, man that he truly is, no, no, no, no, they decided since he had dreads it would be better to market him as a Jamaican, complete with the stereotypical Jamaican accent, and to have him rocking the green, gold, and yellow. Maybe to some it’s no big deal, but I find it messed up,(Heck, his mother wasn’t feeling it either!)¬†I could see if the man was Jamaican but he’s not and to market him as such is stupid and than to make the man have the accent, sounding stupid, is even worse.(I just don’t like the fact the dude agreed to that gimmick, SMH!).Now he is playing himself and they mention that he comes from West African, but they never say Ghana, but I’ll take what I can take.

Another guy is Ezekiel JacksonHe is Guinean and is a phenomenal wrestler, since I haven’t seen him wrestle for a long time, there’s not much I can say about him except that I dislike how they used him as that physically strong black man and didn’t really portray him as anything else, but that. Now he’s getting air time and is now solo and doing his thing, but I will not get my hopes up and believe that the WWE will market him properly.

The last guy I will focus on will be Mark Henry. He is a wrestler that has been with the WWE for over a decade, yet they have buried him too many times to count. Now I get it the guy is big and he can’t do all the high flying crap¬†in the ring, but look at Big Show, look how well they market him, so there is no excuse and by the picture right there, he can do just enough. I have seen men that have not been in the business as long as Mark get airtime after airtime, push after push, and get marketed so good fans actually think they can wrestle, but he has never been given that opportunity the right way. Currently he is getting his deserved push, but¬†similar to R-Truth, he is now the stereotyped angry black man, smh.

Black Women in Wrestling

Okay so there are many males I can go on and on about, but I will stop it there. Now when it comes to the women in WWE they are not treated any better, they are treated as mostly eye candy for the male viewers and their matches are¬†more about make-up, skimpy outfits, and pulling hair¬†than wrestling. Now don’t get me wrong, the women I’m sure can wrestle, but let’s just say that’s the least of their abilities that WWE cares to capitalize on, but as¬†for the Black women wrestlers, which aren’t¬†many,¬†they are buried more than anything.

¬†For starters this is Alicia Fox, a female wrestler that I have heard can actually wrestle, but leave it up to the company that she works for you would never know that. Now in the beginning I first had a problem with how they would show a super petite black woman, but then have thick white woman, yes that bugged me. I’m not saying there are not petite Black women and curvy white women because there are, but I mean come on! Moving on, she is never pushed, or really given a decent storyline, which angers me. Now of course she has haters that talk about her weave or wig, despite the fact that majority of the white women wrestlers wear weave, and some complain that she looks like a transvestite, something which obviously from the picture is far from true.

¬†This is Layla, she’s Black and White, and in America that makes her Black, and so is President Barrack O’ Bama! Continuing, she had a nice run as a heel wrestler and has even been given a nice push, but there is so much more that can be done with her and seriously the way they made her the lap dog of her wrestling partner Michelle McCool, seriously had me thinking that the WWE was trying to create a female version of Driving Ms. Daisy.

Now this chick right here is my favorite! Her name is Kharma,¬†she dominates and doesn’t apologize, but again she is being misused. Honestly I feel as though she is being used¬†to revamp the stereotype of black women being mean, loud, and¬†monstrous, compared to their delicate white women counterpart.¬†I mean the make-up is supposed to make her look hideous, but I don’t see it; even with all their trying they can’t make her look ugly. I became upset when I say the promo they did for her as her debut was approaching, check it out here Some people thought the promo was awesome, dope, so creative, and blah, blah, blah, but when I saw it, it didn’t sit right with me at all. I feel like the video is self-explanatory enough with the glaring stereotype.

I watched the WWE for a long time, but as of now I can say that I am done. I do not like the direction it is heading and the racism that Vince and his writers promote whether it’s from one minority to another or from a white person to a person of color, I do not accept it. By giving them ratings or trending tags on twitter, I’m basically saying that I condone the BS. Some people feel just like I do, but they give the show ratings without a second thought, but are quick to complain about the racism in it. I was like that not too long ago, but I simply cannot stomach it any longer. Maybe when they finally treat these wrestlers right I may come back, but as for now I cannot support it.

Others will feel me on what I’m saying and some will tell me I’m too sensitive and to lighten up a bit and all that jazz, but I can’t be ignorant and happy when the truth is literally staring me down; for those who say to lighten up, I tell you to quit being so blind and to actually think about what I have written. Yes, the WWE will continue to bring in fans, heck its shown all around the world and it literally has a monopoly on the whole wrestling entertainment when it comes to getting various networks to pick it up, but I could careless because they now have one less fan that won’t be giving the thumbs up to their racism every week and laugh it off. America has a foundation based on doing just that, but hey one person can always make a difference, just look at the¬†leaders that have made history.



  1. Good post. I grew up on wrestling too. When I was a kid my dad took me and my sister to the Long Beach Convention center to see a WWF(WWE) event. I got to see Bret Hart,Jesse Ventura,Tony Atlas,Tito Santana,Randy”Macho Man” Savage(RIP) and Miss Elizabeth(RIP). We were in the second row and we had a great time! I consider 1983-1990 the glory days. I guess I’m showing my I do agree with you about black wrestlers not having decent story lines. I’ve noticed this one too many times. And the black stereotypes are growing tiresome. But they’re nothing new. I remember as a kid seeing Kamala the savage African! Or how about the manager Slick that was a pimp. How’s that for diversity? And I completely agree with everything you said about Kofi,Mark Henry and Ezekiel Jackson. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I was a fan of the Hulkamania Era, New Generation and Attitude Era, but seeing how they treated guys like Ahmed Johnson, Ezekiel Jackson(especially) who should have been won the WWE Championship. Then, seeing Ezekiel constantly jobbing to guys like Damian Sandow, Wade Barrett and these other losers just made me sick to my stomach. The “creative” team is a joke. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are to blame for most of the crap thats going on too now-a-days as well.

    I can’t even watch this crap anymore either. I don’t blame you at all!

    • Your sentiments are exactly mine. I have watched recently due to The Shield, but overall I am still upset that Naomi, who I did not know existed is not being pushed. I honestly feel like her athleticism makes her the best do to truly great moves, but the WWE has her dancing. I think every black person in the WWE has danced at some point and I don’t like it. Honestly the corporation is a boys club full of old racist white men who want to appear as non-racist while writing some of the most racist lines and gimmicks ever.

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