Maafa 21- Black Genocide

A year or two ago I watched a documentary called Maafa 21 and it opened my eyes to something that has been going on for many years and continues today: African Genocide. The documentary talked about the various ways in which Africans at home and abroad were being systematically eliminated for no other reason other than that they were black. The famous work done my Charles Darwin, known as Darwinism, most known for his conclusion of “survival of the fittest” was a figure that aided in such an inhumane practice. The survival of the fittest method which has come to be generalized was originally developed with the thought of keeping the white race (superior race) and killing off the black race (inferior race). Just think about how when we take Biology in elementary school, middle school, high school, and colleges, we are taught about a person that wanted to kill us all of, isn’t that just wonderful?

I don’t want to talk too much and give the documentary away so I will link the trailer for it here. A woman that was in the documentary that was sterilized at the age of 13 after being raped by someone in her community and giving birth has come to light with many others like her in North Carolina and many other states. In NC the movement known as eugenics, the depopulating of blacks and other POCs continued until 1974. The article is here. NC is looking to right their wrongs by paying those women that were forced sterilized for doing that to them. No amount of money is going to correct what that state did along with the other states. It’s like taking the land from the Natives ruining the land beyond living conditions and then giving it back to them as a form of apology, that’s total fuckery at best.

I do not understand why there is not much focus on this especially in the black media outlets and on the news, but *shrug* it’s America. However, that’s not an excuse I’m willing to buy. We need to understand who our enemy is, there are always complaints about how Blacks do not go to the doctors and do this and do that, but I don’t blame my people, look at what America has done to blacks starting before the Tuskegee Experiment and after it. So no, I do not see anything wrong with my people fearing those doctors because look at their history. There is a genocide going on people, whether you believe it or not, goes to show how far into the matrix you are. These innocent people were chosen for extermination because of race and class, I call it extermination because they were exterminated in the fact that their God given right to have kids was taken from them.

I strongly urge everyone no matter what race you are to watch Maafa 21; it’s a truth that can no longer be buried under years of conditioning and the love of ignorance. If you have kids look into their eyes, look at what God gave you the right to create and then imagine if you never were able to conceive them because your government deemed you unfit to bring a child into the world, how would you feel?


Is Gold More Precious Than Life?


I recently heard about a story of what was taking place in El Salvador. The story goes like this Canadian mine diggers were in El Salvador looking around and then stumbled upon a gold mine, they wanted to get the gold, however the chemical they would use would poison plenty of EL Salvadorian residents because it would get into the water they use to bathe, cook, and wash clothes with. The Canadian government tried to “sooth” the people’s concerns by saying that they could put something in the water to purify it. Much to their horror, the EL Salvadorians were not drinking the Kool-Aid, told them to quit the BS, and stood their ground when they told them no. Now there has become a war between the Canadian government that wants the gold and the El Salvadorian residents that refuse to allow them to poison them to get it. There have people protesting against the gold-mining and as a result many have turned up dead. You can get a better look at the story here.

First thing I congratulate the people of El Salvador for not falling prey and standing up to the Canadian government, but after that there is not much joy I can express. This is another classic case of kill-the-people-to-get-what-they-have. The Canadian government should not even want the mine for anything because it is not their gold, the mine was not found in their country; therefore, they need not worry about it. The El Salvadorian government is no different than most of the governments running to day, they use the citizens but when power comes their way they will willingly allow their people to be slaughtered and turn the other cheek. I’m beginning to see a pattern with these governments in countries of color; they are beast pretending to be human beings.

Do they not see that if the shoe was on the other foot those very same countries they are trying to impress would not do the same for them? I feel for the activists that have died at the hands of their government not doing anything, but siding with the enemy. Imagine if that was your country, if that was your people, if that was you? I don’t want to get into race all the time, but this needs to be a wakeup call to every person-of-color around the globe, stuff is about to start hitting the fan and we will be soon back in the streets being water hosed, bitten by dogs and being brutally beaten by the police all because we want equality and justice. Every time I read an article or listen to the news it’s the same propaganda being pushed.

I know we all understand that racism is alive and well, but do we see how quickly it is creeping up at our front door? I bet if those people in El Salvador were white and the country was Russia, Canada would have backed down. We are being taught that materials and material goods are more important than our own lives and the lives of our people. How many times has a person died because someone robbed them for their watch, their wallet, their shoes, their clothes, or whatever you can think of? We have got to stop this is getting out of hand.

Gold should never be more precious than life I don’t care what is taking place. If you can read this story and not think twice than wow, but if you feel like this story is becoming repetitive in various parts of the world, I beg you to bring attention to it. Like Lupe Fiasco said, “You gotta know to be a hypocrite.”

My Sister’s in Sierra Leone


I had been meaning to write a post on this article I read at the all West Africa site. The article is about sexual abuse that is taking place in Sierra Leone where poor girls are sleeping with their teacher to pass their classes or to finish high school. If you think that’s shocking enough, some of the girls’ parents are aware of this and encourage it because there is no money. The country of Sierra Leone does not have strict punishment for such behavior because its structure is very similar to America in the way of “Money talks,” offenders get off very easily.

The government is talking about wanting to enforce harsh penalties and such, but they are a part of the problem as well not paying teachers for over a month. This is no excuse for the teachers to be doing such things, but it does make it easier for them to prey on these young girls. I wanted to bring attention to this because most blogs I read are about being pro-black and shed light on injustices that have been done to blacks in America, but some show very few light on injustice done to Africans everywhere around the globe.

My blog is to be pro-African and pro-People of Color (POC), I want to focus on injustice done to Africans in Africa, Africans in the Caribbean, Africans in Asia, Africans in Europe, Africans in Canada, and Africans around the world. When I look at various blogs there is always a connection that no matter where we are in this world we are all going through the same thing, through the same obstacles, and through the same self-hate issues. If we are to bring this to light in many ways we can begin to heal and work together not just with the people in our location, but with our people worldwide.

These girls in this article are being abused and the world cannot turn a blind eye to it, the fact that their parents promote it and/or that their country does little to eliminate it shows that they have no one on their side. This is a result of ignorance and corruption, especially with the government and the teachers who are abusing their powers. These girls are no different than other girls that wants to make something of themselves and are passionate about getting their education, but they are being preyed upon because of that and it’s not right.

Even one girl in the article talks about hiding because she does not want her teacher to focus on her and try to do the same thing to her, there is no way to get an education in that type of environment when you have to worry about whether or not the teacher will attempt to sexually harass you. This is an issue that we need to address and not wait for the United Nations, because they are basically animals in human skin.

I call these girls my sisters because they could be related to me as they could be related to you, they could be us, they could be our daughters, our nieces, our cousins, our grandchildren, and they could be anyone to us. So I ask you to please bring awareness to this issue whether its linking this page to people you know or telling people you know about the article, I just ask you not to be silent on it because being silent on it makes you as bad as the government, the teachers, and the parents that condone what is happening.

Lupe Fiasco Saying How He Feels


All Black Everything

A few days ago Mr. Lupe “I don’t give f**k” Fiasco, shared his thoughts about President Barrack O’ Bama and politics, a view that angered some of the controversial rappers fans, especially some African-Americans. So I watched the video, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Granted I’m not too big on him calling our President such a name I do not completely disagree with him. I do not consider President O’ Bama a terrorist because he has initiated some policies that have helped Americans and some that make us raise an eyebrow, but to each their own how they feel about him.

America prides its self on being the country of free-speech that is until your speech doesn’t match the views of the majority. So Lupe said how he felt why all this shade toward him? Is it because he is Black? Is it because President Barrack O’ Bama is our first black president? That people are giving the rapper such a hard time? In my opinion all the Presidents we had were terrorist, heck all the white ones were all down for oppressing people of color, they started cointelpro to infiltrate the various pro-black groups that simply wanted equality, so our current President is not new to the game and nor does he change it.

If you don’t want to look so far, just look at a couple years ago when an idiot, a Republican idiot, ran the White House for 8 years and look at what we have to deal with now. Also the second term of Bush’s presidency is very suspicious because I do not believe he got enough votes to be elected again, heck I don’t believe he had enough votes to be president, remember the Florida recount?

Lupe could have said it in a different way, but he stated how he felt; I have already mentioned that President Barrack should not be on this high pedestal that blacks place him on. I am upset about the double-standard too in this situation. Fox news, which has said and done worse to the President, always gets a free-pass on the stupidity they spew. They called Common a thug, but you know what people say about it? “That’s just how they are or that’s just what they do,” I don’t buy that if people want to bash Lupe for what he said than they need to bash FOX News.

So simply put, get it together people if you want to rally for one comment than rally for all the others.


R.I.P Common Sense

Hi *waves* alright yesterday while checking  an informational site I found a disturbing article, an article that made me question whether common sense is dead or if it has just vanished from the face of the earth. Wherever he/she is come back please! Alright on to the article, in the UK people are paying money to put their three year-old daughters in pole dancing classes. The wonderful excuse for such foolishness: it keeps them fit and boost their self-esteem. Don’t believe me? I have the article right here. Before I unleash my disgust I want to apologize in advance for any cursing or swear words that may or may not appear in this post.


Seriously someone tell me why the heck would any parent in their right mind (so much for common sense) put their child in this type of class? The excuse of fitness and self-esteem makes me want slap the stripper… I mean dance instructor, the parents, and those that support this stupidity. There are various ways to boost a child’s self-esteem and keep them fit, let me list the options: swimming, ballet, tap dancing, recitals, soccer, softball, basketball, flag football, skateboarding, rollerblading, biking, hiking, track, and various other things. But no, no, no, these people want to think way out there in loco-land and think hey it’s perfect to sexualize children!

Those little girls cannot grasp exactly the implications of what they are doing and the fact that their parents are sending them shows the fact that mental maturity is not needed to bring kids into this world. Around the world kids, there are boys and girls, but we will focus on girls since the article focuses on them, that are being preyed upon by sick minded individuals and they are simply being kids, how much worse will it get when the kid can do an upside-down slide on a pole? This is the problem that makes me upset, a child is only innocent once, a child is only truly a child once, a child is the closest thing to perfection and purity (despite some being super bad) that we have in this world and that only lasts for a short amount of time. So tell me why would a parent want to tarnish or taint that?

See this is what’s wrong with the world, everything is too sexualized. People think turning or encouraging kids to act like adults is “cute” when it’s not, it’s really corruption of an impressionable mind. Remember the little kid padded bra? This crap has got to stop kids are to be protected not exploited. The people that talk about how a kiddie pole dancing class is not bad I believe are secretly pedophiles, yeah I said it. Like I stated before no person with common sense would think of that as cute or something good. Children since the beginning of time have been engaging in various forms of fitness, in some Ancient African kingdoms kids would train in fighting, some would aid in capturing food, and even in Ancient Greece (although I do not condone a lot of Gomorrah and Sodom ish they were into).

I mean seriously we need to really be vigilant and understand that kids are meant to be just that kids, they will become grown-ups when it’s time for them to be, speeding up the process only confuses them and harms their development into adulthood, plus don’t be mad when your daughter start the eye-rolling, head turning 180, and finger snapping because guess what you encouraged it. I’m even more upset that there is someone to teach a class like this, as if there are not enough kids failing Math, Science, English, Foreign language, and all other subjects in schools.

Food for thought: Keep a kid as a kid, let them be as God intended for them to be because I doubt if he would enjoy such insanity.

Oscar Grant

Oscar Grant

In 2009, a young man named Oscar Grant was savagely murdered for no reason. He was unarmed, he cooperated with the police, and was even trying to calm his other friends down; however, for whatever reason the two cops that worked for the BART station shot the man leaving his 4-year-old daughter fatherless. The video of the shooting is here. Once the footage went viral, a large amount of people began protesting for the murderer, Johannes Mehserle, to not only lose his job, but to be put behind bars for life. To the anger and disappointment of many Mehserle received a slap on the wrist, having to serve only two years in jail. This news angered people and again a protest happened.

However, the main disappointment came yesterday when news that Oscar Grant’s killer was going to be released after serving eleven months of his two year sentence. This is where I ask for you to really read my words and understand the pain of this news. A monster in a cop uniform, a monster with a license to kill, a racist monster murdered in cold blood an innocent man and he is punished as though he spilled some milk. This is unacceptable; this is not what “America” prides itself on. Oscar Grant is the victim, his family and his daughter who is probably 6 years old right now are victims of a system that refuses to see justice served. How would you explain to his daughter that her dad was killed and the monster that did it got away scott-free?

There is no right way to explain this to her because her country has told her that her father’s life is not of value, that her father’s life is not worthy for justice to be served over; despite not being related to Oscar Grant, as an African in America, his story clutches at my heart strings because America has just shown exactly what type of country is has been since the Europeans invaded it.

The reason that animal Mehserle got off is because he is white and he killed a black man. Anyone that wants to make excuses should leave now because this is not the blog for you. I don’t know why people especially black people are acting as though racism has magically disappeared because it hasn’t. Just 50 years ago we had the freedom riders having to go through hell and back just to sit in the front of the bus! America does not care for the black man or black woman! Heck they don’t care for people of color period! Remember Arizona? Yeah I thought so.

Since slavery black men were hung and castrated, black woman were raped and went through various forms of abuse all with America either making laws that supported it or giving the offenders a pass. Well it’s time for us to not let another Oscar Grant situation happen. This is our time to speak up and demand that America hear us or else she will not like the consequences. The days of being helpless are over; we built America to be what it is now (see how those white politicians start sweating when talks of reparations begin?) So why would we let her kill our children? I say to hell with that.

There is a petition going on now that is spreading requiring the signing of people to not let that monster see the light of day and I would hope that people would sign it. We need to wake up, America is slowly but surely going back to its racist roots and don’t think having a Black President means anything because at the end of the day the policies are the same, but it’s the faces on it that change. Simply put, President Barrack is a black face on white policies as a way to help get “his kind” on board.

Blacks in America and Blacks around the world, we have a voice and we have resources, we have the power to make sure we are heard. The time of hoping and wishing, and waiting is over, the time of seeking America’s approval is over, the mentality of “if you can’t beat them, join them” is over. Due to us chasing the material nonsense shoved down our throats we help America gross in practically billons or trillions of dollars when it comes to consumer items, be it fast food, cars, designer clothes, handbags, shoes, anything of luxury you name it. So why can’t we use this to our power?

I refuse to help a country that refuses to help me or my kind. Oscar Grant is one of the many blacks that have been unfairly killed; do you remember Emmet Till, Christopher Foster, Aiyana Jones, and the countless others?

So please sign the petition created by, you have to sign up to sign it, we cannot let another innocent youth pass away and keep silent on it. Oscar Grant could be your son (eldest, youngest, or in the middle), your brother, your uncle, your father, your best friend, your husband, or your cousin.

One of JFK’s famous quotes is “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I wish someone would have asked him when he said that, “Why should one do for a country that refuses to do for them?”



All pictures are the rights of DGUSA and found from google

DGUSA is an American professional wrestling promotion that is coming up on being 2 years old. I was first introduced to DGUSA by my big bro, who is an avid watcher of all types of wrestling; pretty much he is a walking encyclopedia of wrestling lol. Either way I thank him for putting me on to it.

The Vice President Gabe Sapolsky is the booker and writer and is amazing at his job. From what I have heard nothing fazes the guy and he is prepared for anything that can go wrong and is very open minded. The man’s resume is simply impressive let’s just say wherever this man goes, he will make money.

Now as I’ve mentioned before I have grown up on wrestling, but that means WWF/WWE type of wrestling and I believed that was wrestling, I knew nothing of independent wrestling scenes and nothing of any wrestlers that were not with the WWE. However, I have been pushed into a new world of wrestling, a new world of wrestling that is awesome, cool, and my favorite word *drum rolls*…. DIVERSE!

I got to see a DGUSA show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania early this year on the 29th of January. I didn’t know what to expect it was small, packed with people and just not what I imagined, but it’s not size that matters and that is what I soon learned. I had amazing seats and got to see up close what was going on.

For starters the wrestlers are wrestlers. I know it sounds like duh! But bare with me, all I can compare this brand to is WWE. WWE focuses more on entertainment than wrestling, now there are times when wrestling is shown, but it’s mostly at least 70-80% entertainment; however, that is not the case with DGUSA. The wrestlers are entertainers, but they are wrestlers above everything else and that made it more entertaining for me.

They take risks with each move they do and even when they get injured they continue to put on a great show. I don’t know if I’m doing my experience justice, but let’s just say it felt raw like I was watching something real, which is exactly what it was. The wrestlers were super talented, I couldn’t name half of the moves I saw them do, but it definitely made me want to look them up.

When it comes to fans, I’d have to say indie fans are amazing, they truly interact with the wrestlers and vice versa. When they dislike a wrestler they voice it and the same is done when they like a wrestler. Their chants are hilarious and they curse! 🙂 Moving on, the fans are live and wild, they are the second best fans after soccer fans.

Now to my favorite word: DIVERSITY! Now that is something that DGUSA has a lot of, in fact if I can think correctly DGUSA has more black wrestlers than WWE (both brands) and TNA combined! Such a shame, but definitely a bonus for me. It is a combination of various wrestlers of color, wrestling types, and different types of wrestlers for all ages.

The storyline at first took me awhile to get into cause it left off on the aftermath of a previous match, but once I got into it, I liked it. It wasn’t over the top; it was consistent, and humorous.

Overall, DGUSA will never leave you bored or disappointed and you get your money’s worth plus more. Mr. Sapolsky is what I would call a wrestling genius and the intimate feel of DGUSA shows, proves to the fans that they are valued.

P.S. It has great eye-candy, :D, forget male model runways they have nothing on the guys in DGUSA, lol. I had to throw that in. I got to take a lot of pictures, that I have to scan to post up here, something I will definitely get to when I get near a scanner, but there are some of the guys that were there for the show that I got to see:

Rich Swann (2011, DGUSA)

Rich Swann "Ronin Baby!"

AR Fox

Dragon Kid (I would love to see him vs Sin Cara or Rey Mysterio)

Yamato (Very crazy guy)

Austin Aries