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DGUSA is an American professional wrestling promotion that is coming up on being 2 years old. I was first introduced to DGUSA by my big bro, who is an avid watcher of all types of wrestling; pretty much he is a walking encyclopedia of wrestling lol. Either way I thank him for putting me on to it.

The Vice President Gabe Sapolsky is the booker and writer and is amazing at his job. From what I have heard nothing fazes the guy and he is prepared for anything that can go wrong and is very open minded. The man’s resume is simply impressive let’s just say wherever this man goes, he will make money.

Now as I’ve mentioned before I have grown up on wrestling, but that means WWF/WWE type of wrestling and I believed that was wrestling, I knew nothing of independent wrestling scenes and nothing of any wrestlers that were not with the WWE. However, I have been pushed into a new world of wrestling, a new world of wrestling that is awesome, cool, and my favorite word *drum rolls*…. DIVERSE!

I got to see a DGUSA show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania early this year on the 29th of January. I didn’t know what to expect it was small, packed with people and just not what I imagined, but it’s not size that matters and that is what I soon learned. I had amazing seats and got to see up close what was going on.

For starters the wrestlers are wrestlers. I know it sounds like duh! But bare with me, all I can compare this brand to is WWE. WWE focuses more on entertainment than wrestling, now there are times when wrestling is shown, but it’s mostly at least 70-80% entertainment; however, that is not the case with DGUSA. The wrestlers are entertainers, but they are wrestlers above everything else and that made it more entertaining for me.

They take risks with each move they do and even when they get injured they continue to put on a great show. I don’t know if I’m doing my experience justice, but let’s just say it felt raw like I was watching something real, which is exactly what it was. The wrestlers were super talented, I couldn’t name half of the moves I saw them do, but it definitely made me want to look them up.

When it comes to fans, I’d have to say indie fans are amazing, they truly interact with the wrestlers and vice versa. When they dislike a wrestler they voice it and the same is done when they like a wrestler. Their chants are hilarious and they curse! 🙂 Moving on, the fans are live and wild, they are the second best fans after soccer fans.

Now to my favorite word: DIVERSITY! Now that is something that DGUSA has a lot of, in fact if I can think correctly DGUSA has more black wrestlers than WWE (both brands) and TNA combined! Such a shame, but definitely a bonus for me. It is a combination of various wrestlers of color, wrestling types, and different types of wrestlers for all ages.

The storyline at first took me awhile to get into cause it left off on the aftermath of a previous match, but once I got into it, I liked it. It wasn’t over the top; it was consistent, and humorous.

Overall, DGUSA will never leave you bored or disappointed and you get your money’s worth plus more. Mr. Sapolsky is what I would call a wrestling genius and the intimate feel of DGUSA shows, proves to the fans that they are valued.

P.S. It has great eye-candy, :D, forget male model runways they have nothing on the guys in DGUSA, lol. I had to throw that in. I got to take a lot of pictures, that I have to scan to post up here, something I will definitely get to when I get near a scanner, but there are some of the guys that were there for the show that I got to see:

Rich Swann (2011, DGUSA)

Rich Swann "Ronin Baby!"

AR Fox

Dragon Kid (I would love to see him vs Sin Cara or Rey Mysterio)

Yamato (Very crazy guy)

Austin Aries


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