R.I.P Common Sense

Hi *waves* alright yesterday while checking  an informational site I found a disturbing article, an article that made me question whether common sense is dead or if it has just vanished from the face of the earth. Wherever he/she is come back please! Alright on to the article, in the UK people are paying money to put their three year-old daughters in pole dancing classes. The wonderful excuse for such foolishness: it keeps them fit and boost their self-esteem. Don’t believe me? I have the article right here. Before I unleash my disgust I want to apologize in advance for any cursing or swear words that may or may not appear in this post.


Seriously someone tell me why the heck would any parent in their right mind (so much for common sense) put their child in this type of class? The excuse of fitness and self-esteem makes me want slap the stripper… I mean dance instructor, the parents, and those that support this stupidity. There are various ways to boost a child’s self-esteem and keep them fit, let me list the options: swimming, ballet, tap dancing, recitals, soccer, softball, basketball, flag football, skateboarding, rollerblading, biking, hiking, track, and various other things. But no, no, no, these people want to think way out there in loco-land and think hey it’s perfect to sexualize children!

Those little girls cannot grasp exactly the implications of what they are doing and the fact that their parents are sending them shows the fact that mental maturity is not needed to bring kids into this world. Around the world kids, there are boys and girls, but we will focus on girls since the article focuses on them, that are being preyed upon by sick minded individuals and they are simply being kids, how much worse will it get when the kid can do an upside-down slide on a pole? This is the problem that makes me upset, a child is only innocent once, a child is only truly a child once, a child is the closest thing to perfection and purity (despite some being super bad) that we have in this world and that only lasts for a short amount of time. So tell me why would a parent want to tarnish or taint that?

See this is what’s wrong with the world, everything is too sexualized. People think turning or encouraging kids to act like adults is “cute” when it’s not, it’s really corruption of an impressionable mind. Remember the little kid padded bra? This crap has got to stop kids are to be protected not exploited. The people that talk about how a kiddie pole dancing class is not bad I believe are secretly pedophiles, yeah I said it. Like I stated before no person with common sense would think of that as cute or something good. Children since the beginning of time have been engaging in various forms of fitness, in some Ancient African kingdoms kids would train in fighting, some would aid in capturing food, and even in Ancient Greece (although I do not condone a lot of Gomorrah and Sodom ish they were into).

I mean seriously we need to really be vigilant and understand that kids are meant to be just that kids, they will become grown-ups when it’s time for them to be, speeding up the process only confuses them and harms their development into adulthood, plus don’t be mad when your daughter start the eye-rolling, head turning 180, and finger snapping because guess what you encouraged it. I’m even more upset that there is someone to teach a class like this, as if there are not enough kids failing Math, Science, English, Foreign language, and all other subjects in schools.

Food for thought: Keep a kid as a kid, let them be as God intended for them to be because I doubt if he would enjoy such insanity.


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  1. First of all, I cannot believe that such behavior is in existence!!! Children as young as three years of age on stripper poles??? Exercising? HUH?!?! I’m very disturbed by the lack of intelligence and education from the parents of these poor kids. Kids are supposed to go outside and play with their age mates. They should have toys, bikes, books and candy!!! Its breaks my heart to read this article and to see that there is actually proof of suck nonsense in a magazine. These parents should seek psychological evaluation because this type of behavior damages the mind of children which will eventually lead them to promiscuous and dangerous lifestyle choices!!! I pray for our society!!!

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