Lupe Fiasco Saying How He Feels


All Black Everything

A few days ago Mr. Lupe “I don’t give f**k” Fiasco, shared his thoughts about President Barrack O’ Bama and politics, a view that angered some of the controversial rappers fans, especially some African-Americans. So I watched the video, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Granted I’m not too big on him calling our President such a name I do not completely disagree with him. I do not consider President O’ Bama a terrorist because he has initiated some policies that have helped Americans and some that make us raise an eyebrow, but to each their own how they feel about him.

America prides its self on being the country of free-speech that is until your speech doesn’t match the views of the majority. So Lupe said how he felt why all this shade toward him? Is it because he is Black? Is it because President Barrack O’ Bama is our first black president? That people are giving the rapper such a hard time? In my opinion all the Presidents we had were terrorist, heck all the white ones were all down for oppressing people of color, they started cointelpro to infiltrate the various pro-black groups that simply wanted equality, so our current President is not new to the game and nor does he change it.

If you don’t want to look so far, just look at a couple years ago when an idiot, a Republican idiot, ran the White House for 8 years and look at what we have to deal with now. Also the second term of Bush’s presidency is very suspicious because I do not believe he got enough votes to be elected again, heck I don’t believe he had enough votes to be president, remember the Florida recount?

Lupe could have said it in a different way, but he stated how he felt; I have already mentioned that President Barrack should not be on this high pedestal that blacks place him on. I am upset about the double-standard too in this situation. Fox news, which has said and done worse to the President, always gets a free-pass on the stupidity they spew. They called Common a thug, but you know what people say about it? “That’s just how they are or that’s just what they do,” I don’t buy that if people want to bash Lupe for what he said than they need to bash FOX News.

So simply put, get it together people if you want to rally for one comment than rally for all the others.



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