My Sister’s in Sierra Leone


I had been meaning to write a post on this article I read at the all West Africa site. The article is about sexual abuse that is taking place in Sierra Leone where poor girls are sleeping with their teacher to pass their classes or to finish high school. If you think that’s shocking enough, some of the girls’ parents are aware of this and encourage it because there is no money. The country of Sierra Leone does not have strict punishment for such behavior because its structure is very similar to America in the way of “Money talks,” offenders get off very easily.

The government is talking about wanting to enforce harsh penalties and such, but they are a part of the problem as well not paying teachers for over a month. This is no excuse for the teachers to be doing such things, but it does make it easier for them to prey on these young girls. I wanted to bring attention to this because most blogs I read are about being pro-black and shed light on injustices that have been done to blacks in America, but some show very few light on injustice done to Africans everywhere around the globe.

My blog is to be pro-African and pro-People of Color (POC), I want to focus on injustice done to Africans in Africa, Africans in the Caribbean, Africans in Asia, Africans in Europe, Africans in Canada, and Africans around the world. When I look at various blogs there is always a connection that no matter where we are in this world we are all going through the same thing, through the same obstacles, and through the same self-hate issues. If we are to bring this to light in many ways we can begin to heal and work together not just with the people in our location, but with our people worldwide.

These girls in this article are being abused and the world cannot turn a blind eye to it, the fact that their parents promote it and/or that their country does little to eliminate it shows that they have no one on their side. This is a result of ignorance and corruption, especially with the government and the teachers who are abusing their powers. These girls are no different than other girls that wants to make something of themselves and are passionate about getting their education, but they are being preyed upon because of that and it’s not right.

Even one girl in the article talks about hiding because she does not want her teacher to focus on her and try to do the same thing to her, there is no way to get an education in that type of environment when you have to worry about whether or not the teacher will attempt to sexually harass you. This is an issue that we need to address and not wait for the United Nations, because they are basically animals in human skin.

I call these girls my sisters because they could be related to me as they could be related to you, they could be us, they could be our daughters, our nieces, our cousins, our grandchildren, and they could be anyone to us. So I ask you to please bring awareness to this issue whether its linking this page to people you know or telling people you know about the article, I just ask you not to be silent on it because being silent on it makes you as bad as the government, the teachers, and the parents that condone what is happening.


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