Is Gold More Precious Than Life?


I recently heard about a story of what was taking place in El Salvador. The story goes like this Canadian mine diggers were in El Salvador looking around and then stumbled upon a gold mine, they wanted to get the gold, however the chemical they would use would poison plenty of EL Salvadorian residents because it would get into the water they use to bathe, cook, and wash clothes with. The Canadian government tried to “sooth” the people’s concerns by saying that they could put something in the water to purify it. Much to their horror, the EL Salvadorians were not drinking the Kool-Aid, told them to quit the BS, and stood their ground when they told them no. Now there has become a war between the Canadian government that wants the gold and the El Salvadorian residents that refuse to allow them to poison them to get it. There have people protesting against the gold-mining and as a result many have turned up dead. You can get a better look at the story here.

First thing I congratulate the people of El Salvador for not falling prey and standing up to the Canadian government, but after that there is not much joy I can express. This is another classic case of kill-the-people-to-get-what-they-have. The Canadian government should not even want the mine for anything because it is not their gold, the mine was not found in their country; therefore, they need not worry about it. The El Salvadorian government is no different than most of the governments running to day, they use the citizens but when power comes their way they will willingly allow their people to be slaughtered and turn the other cheek. I’m beginning to see a pattern with these governments in countries of color; they are beast pretending to be human beings.

Do they not see that if the shoe was on the other foot those very same countries they are trying to impress would not do the same for them? I feel for the activists that have died at the hands of their government not doing anything, but siding with the enemy. Imagine if that was your country, if that was your people, if that was you? I don’t want to get into race all the time, but this needs to be a wakeup call to every person-of-color around the globe, stuff is about to start hitting the fan and we will be soon back in the streets being water hosed, bitten by dogs and being brutally beaten by the police all because we want equality and justice. Every time I read an article or listen to the news it’s the same propaganda being pushed.

I know we all understand that racism is alive and well, but do we see how quickly it is creeping up at our front door? I bet if those people in El Salvador were white and the country was Russia, Canada would have backed down. We are being taught that materials and material goods are more important than our own lives and the lives of our people. How many times has a person died because someone robbed them for their watch, their wallet, their shoes, their clothes, or whatever you can think of? We have got to stop this is getting out of hand.

Gold should never be more precious than life I don’t care what is taking place. If you can read this story and not think twice than wow, but if you feel like this story is becoming repetitive in various parts of the world, I beg you to bring attention to it. Like Lupe Fiasco said, “You gotta know to be a hypocrite.”


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