Maafa 21- Black Genocide

A year or two ago I watched a documentary called Maafa 21 and it opened my eyes to something that has been going on for many years and continues today: African Genocide. The documentary talked about the various ways in which Africans at home and abroad were being systematically eliminated for no other reason other than that they were black. The famous work done my Charles Darwin, known as Darwinism, most known for his conclusion of “survival of the fittest” was a figure that aided in such an inhumane practice. The survival of the fittest method which has come to be generalized was originally developed with the thought of keeping the white race (superior race) and killing off the black race (inferior race). Just think about how when we take Biology in elementary school, middle school, high school, and colleges, we are taught about a person that wanted to kill us all of, isn’t that just wonderful?

I don’t want to talk too much and give the documentary away so I will link the trailer for it here. A woman that was in the documentary that was sterilized at the age of 13 after being raped by someone in her community and giving birth has come to light with many others like her in North Carolina and many other states. In NC the movement known as eugenics, the depopulating of blacks and other POCs continued until 1974. The article is here. NC is looking to right their wrongs by paying those women that were forced sterilized for doing that to them. No amount of money is going to correct what that state did along with the other states. It’s like taking the land from the Natives ruining the land beyond living conditions and then giving it back to them as a form of apology, that’s total fuckery at best.

I do not understand why there is not much focus on this especially in the black media outlets and on the news, but *shrug* it’s America. However, that’s not an excuse I’m willing to buy. We need to understand who our enemy is, there are always complaints about how Blacks do not go to the doctors and do this and do that, but I don’t blame my people, look at what America has done to blacks starting before the Tuskegee Experiment and after it. So no, I do not see anything wrong with my people fearing those doctors because look at their history. There is a genocide going on people, whether you believe it or not, goes to show how far into the matrix you are. These innocent people were chosen for extermination because of race and class, I call it extermination because they were exterminated in the fact that their God given right to have kids was taken from them.

I strongly urge everyone no matter what race you are to watch Maafa 21; it’s a truth that can no longer be buried under years of conditioning and the love of ignorance. If you have kids look into their eyes, look at what God gave you the right to create and then imagine if you never were able to conceive them because your government deemed you unfit to bring a child into the world, how would you feel?


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