The Helper: I Hear Harriet Rolling in Her Grave

So I was sitting down watching T.V. (I really gotta stop) and I see a preview for a movie, now I’m sure there are some of you saying, well what’s bad about that? Well the movie was The Helper and it’s about black woman being sassy servants to rich white families. *Excuse me while I throw up again* All I can say is the pay must be excellent because I am not feeling that BS. One of the women was talking about how this movie reflects a part of African-American history that we tend to gloss over and not talk about.

Really? hmmm how many movies can we go back to and see Aunt Jemima? And thats simply a few years ago, so no it’s not apart of our history we gloss over, it’s a part of our history that not only do we recognize, but we give recognition to the women that played those roles in real life and for the movies, but we do not want to go back to that.

I will post the trailer for the movie here. By the comments some people truly don’t get it, but thats why I truly enjoy this blog by Ankhesen, she and the commentors hit the jackpot when they discussed the nonsense that is this film. Call me too sensitive or whatever comes to mind, I don’t care, you don’t see a movie about white slavery do you? And yes white slavery did happen. I am noticing a sick pattern in certain movies and I may just drop out of the movie watching game. I don’t see my people in movies being treated right all I see are stereotypes. I don’t see any of my POC brothers and sisters being treated right because each of them is stuck in a box.

It seems like most people that are loving this film are whites, especially white women, and all I can say is go-figure. This film just doesn’t appeal to me and for glaring reasons, as I’m getting older I’m noticing things that are glaring forms of racism that are being passed over as the norm without second thought and it’s like wow.

So basic point, I’m not supporting this film, I won’t be surprised if there is a whole bunch of idiotic folks standing in line to see the movie, and I won’t be surprised if the actresses in this movie win awards at the Oscar’s. I’m not supporting BS period, so to the Helper, I raise you my middle finger to the max, duces.


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