White Privilege Gone Wrong

First, I want to apologize for not updating my post, I have been busy with various things and there have been a number of topics that I have wanted to cover, so I will start with the most recent: The Casey Anthony trial.

So I’m a few days late, but I do find it interesting how the trial, after the verdict, has dropped out so suddenly the public’s eye. Prior to the trial, I never knew or heard about this case, so when they were calling it a ‘national headline’ I had the wtf look on my face.  Moving on, the basics of the trial is that Anthony’s three-year old daughter was missing, later found dead, and the mother did not report her missing until a month later; she also lied to police.

R.I.P to the little girl. It was said that during the month before Anthony reported her daughter missing, she was out partying and having fun. [PAUSE] This part makes me skeptical because I know for a second that I become worried when I do not hear the little one in my house for a few minutes, so I can’t imagine a kid missing for a month and the mother not knowing or caring. Then at some point during the investigation, Anthony lied to police. [PAUSE] Another suspect move, why would she lie to the police? The third suspect event is the fact that the kid was missing for 1 month, before she reported it.

I will not pretend to know all the details about this case because I don’t, but I know some BS when I hear it and a lot in this case is not adding up. I watched on T.V. the outcome of the case along with many others and I can honestly say I was not happy with the outcome. I know some may not agree, but I truly cannot say whether she killed her daughter or not but I know for a fact God will deal with her according to whether she did or not. Earthly justice is corrupt, but Heavenly justice is perfect and righteous.

My friend said that if Anthony did not do it than she knows who did and I find this to be a huge possibility. However, the main thing in the verdict that stuck out to me was the fact that she was not charged with neglect. That part made my mouth drop because the case clearly showed that she was not doing her parental duties at all, again a child should not be missing for a month before the parents calls police. I mean seriously the girl was three years old, where could she have possibly gone by herself? I doubt if she was walking or attempting to go to Disneyland so I am upset with the jury on that front.

One thing I will mention is the fact that Anthony got off because she was white. Yes I said it, everything in America is about race so lets not be stupid. I mean look at OJ, they still wanted him and they eventually got him.  Look at the Michael Vick situation, he went to jail for dog fighting, something he didn’t directly engage in, and comparing his case/evidence with Casey Anthony’s he is way more innocent, what about that woman who enrolled her kids in a school in another district, that their father lived, to give them a better education, they were ready and willing to throw her in jail. But the difference between those people and Casey Anthony is their race.

I have no doubt in my mind that if Casey Anthony was black, not only would she have been found guilty on all accounts, she would have had added charges placed on her. This is why I titled the post as I did because this is a truth well-known in America. That lady should not have gotten off with simply lying to the police, heck I may not be a lawyer, but isn’t that at least 5 to 10 alone? But she’s getting out in 2 weeks, smh.

I believe yesterday or two days ago I saw an article on Yahoo about how there may have been a tampering of evidence in the Casey Anthony trial. I will let the public be the judge of the stupidity going on with this trial because I will get a headache if I attempt myself. But without a doubt this is a clear case of White privilege gone wrong in America.

I want to say again R.I.P to the little three-year old Anthony, she didn’t deserve such an ending.



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