Justice + In + America= Not for POCs

Okay so this story I heard about a few days ago. The story is about two men in a restroom at a Las Vegas bathroom; one is black and the other is white. The black guy, Benjamin Hawkins, walked into the restroom and the white guy, John Massie, began making a joke about a black guy in a yellow shirt. I don’t get the joke either, but lets we continue. So Mr. Hawkins ignores Massie and finishes up what he’s doing and leaves the bathroom. [The story doesn’t stop there folks].

Massie than follows Hawkins around and insults him with racial slurs despite Hawkins telling him to leave him alone, but you know racist are not satisfied till they get what they deserve. So Mr. Hawkins’ fearing for his safety turns around and punches Massie and as a result the racist goes down only to never come up again. As a commentator on Ankhesen blog stated, that man pulled some old school Mike Tyson ish. So Massie died following that one punch and this is a good time to note that cops were around witnessing Massie verbally abusing Hawkins and did nothing.

I don’t glorify killing anyone, but Massie deserved it. He deserved that punch because he provoked Hawkins. Now I know for a fact that Hawkins did not punch Massie with the intention to kill him, anyone who begs to differ should be slapped. However, Massie had no right to insult Hawkins period. Some people *cough* white people *cough* are calling for Hawkins to be in jail and are saying that Massie had a right to say what he said because of Freedom of Speech.

Oh yes, FOS, the fall back excuse of every racist. Yes there is such a thing as Freedom of Speech and Massie FOS himself into an ass whopping that was justified. Let me walk around without a filter, say whatever I want under the disguise of Freedom of Speech, I guarantee that I would be in jail, so no excuse for Massie. Now I was cheering for Hawkins I will not lie and I feel as though he should definitely go into boxing once all of this is done.

However, I’m not feeling how he is being treated, his bail is being set at , are you kidding me?! Look at those old pale bastards, I mean… the Tea Party, and all the crap they said about President Barrack, I don’t see them going to jail or a nursing home! Let this story be a warning to all racist people who think that FOS protects you from getting your ass whooped, it doesn’t! You cannot scream that you have a right to racially degrade someone because of the First Amendment because look at what Muslim’s are going through and they are supposed to be safe under the First Amendment.

Hawkins should have been set free and his family should not have to pay any bail, Massie provoked him, had Massie kept his mouth close he would have been alive, sucks when you cause your own death huh? I wonder if his family will be able to collect insurance, smh. Mr. Hawkins you are my new hero and many other POCs, not just blacks, would be smart to follow your lead on how to deal with racist buttholes.


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