The Separation of Parent & Child Continues

I think this story has hit most of the people around the U.S. seeing as how it was just on the news a day ago. There is talk that obese children should be taken away from their parents and put into foster care. Let that marinate with you for a little bit. I’m starting to become confused about what is going on with the American government and the American people. When the issue came up over whether or not kids born to racist parents should be taken away from said parents, people were upset and crying foul. Yet, the same people think it is okay to take obese kids from their parents and put them into foster care, talk about speaking out the anus.

The news was sure to mention one success story where such a thing happened and the boy, who went through it ended up losing weight; however, we all know that one success story does not speak for the countless other stories where it was not a success. There was a compromise being thrown around that other measures could or would be taken before simply taking the child away from their parent. The issue at hand, is whether the other measures would be used before taking the child away or would they be bypassed. This brings up a good point because if the power/consent is given than why should other measures be taken?

I say no to the other “measures” and no to the removal of a child from their parents care simply for being obese. America you are the ones that are shallow and view anything that is not stick skinny as obese, but on the other hand you are the very same culture that gives its people processed foods, which is unhealthy at all costs, you have plenty of fastfood restaurants, especially in the areas with a high concentration of POCs, and you do not pass laws that truly limit toxins from being placed in the foods made in or shipped to America. Yet, because of the diet of fat, fat, fat, and fat you feed these kids, you want to remove them from their parents as though you play no part in their health problems.

Everything is a business, especially the health industry, so lets not get it twisted, not even a little bit. Some blame does fall on the parents and I’m not dismissing that, but since when does the State or Federal government deserve the right to punish kids? I don’t remember that being apart of the Constitution, so lets not try to make up new laws and amendments for the sake of feeling like we are doing something. Any parent that signs on for this is allowing more government control into their lives and in a few years they will regret it, that I can promise.

I can offer a list of things that can change the number of obese kids in America and it does not require putting these kids in foster care; lets start the list: (1) stop internet usage. Growing up I was always outside playing and running around, as all kids should do, and that was usually before me finishing up my homework. Nowadays, I see very few kids outside as it is and that’s even during the summer. Where are these kids? They are on FB or whatever site, talking to people ten years or more their senior that lives on the other side of the world or a couple states away from them and we wonder why we have so many depress and obese kids and teenagers.

(2) The whole family needs to diet. Three main ingredients that need to be cut from everyone’s diet (mine included) is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), Aspartame, and anything high in white flour. There are other ingredients, but these three you can find in a lot of the foods at the grocery store, especially HFCS. HFCS has been linked with causing cancer (yeah look it up for yourself). So when you are shopping look at the label for these three main ingredients and run away from the product that has it at any cost. The whole family dieting helps because it creates a support system.

(3) Stop giving into these kids tantrums. I cannot list the number of shows where the kids weigh at least 2-5 times more the average weight they are supposed to be and it’s all because the parents give into their tantrums. I know you love your kid(s), at least I hope so, but when is enough, enough? Their tantrums are not to be given into, like seriously, either beat them with the belt or your hand, and if you can’t do either than be stern with them. Do not fall into their trap, heck walk out the room if you have to, just don’t give in! You make them eat fruits and vegetables, they have no say in the matter.

(4) Always find time to excercise and play with your kids, whether its going for a walk, playing tennis, or whatever just do something with them. I always find a walk refreshing and it gives a nice atmosphere to talk about various topics.

There are more to do than these four things but I would consider all to be very instrumental in aiding in keeping kids healthy, but taking kids away from their parents is definitely not one of them.


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