Well Hey there Canada… I mean Britain

Alright so there has been a lot of focus on the “riot” that is taking place in Britain over the death of an innocent youth. I didn’t find out about the “riot” until going on a blog, but it seems that the focus was more on the blacks in the “riot” than the whites. Now in a situation such as that with about 80% of whites, its interesting that a whole bunch of blacks were blamed, when there were Asians in it as well. Moving on, I would like to summarize what happened: Blacks were blamed as the source and trouble of the riot and as the main starters of it.

I’m sure you guys are wondering why I put riot in quotation marks and that’s because what took place in Britain wasn’t a riot it was a protest at least by my standards.

Now as I’m typing this, I’m giggling, not over the death of an innocent person, but over the fact that blacks are being blamed for it. Now I’m going to reach into the past and see that when blacks protest there isn’t any stealing tvs, electronics, or the smashing of businesses. I like how everyone is using the riot as some call for Martial Law and some people using this as an example of Blacks Gone Wild (BGW). A few months ago wasn’t there a serious disturbing of the peace in Canada; now that is what you call a riot. Wasn’t there a bunch of pale-faced youths terrorizing businesses and racking up millions or billions of dollars in damages, setting cars, that did not belong to them, on fire and fighting the police. Now if you are still with me, this all happened over Canada losing in the Stanley World Cup,think of it as the Superbowl of hockey, talk about maple syrup gone mad. Yet, I don’t remember the call for Martial Law, people calling them heathens, or any type of negative attention for the destruction that they caused. In fact, people were actually smitten with the couple that appeared to be making out in the street in the middle of all the chaos; the people were even interviewed.

Also Canada’s riot was horrible in all forms of horrible, I wonder how those businesses were able to fix everything and if they have awesome insurance cause maple syrup won’t help them. I do not call what happened in Britain a riot, to me a riot is senseless, like Canada’s riot; however, the people in Britain were standing up against an injustice, the fact that police shot and killed an innocent man and then tried to cover it up. The issue presented was not a class issue as some would love to believe, the root of it was racism. There are dozens of stories about police brutality against people of color in Britain and here I though Britain was full of progressive people, notice the sarcasm?

Anyway it seems America and its former(present) oppressor are very much alike in its treatment of POCs. The media which is the governments and politicians best friends did everything in their power to make these people seem like villains, animals and crazy uncivilized people and for those that trust the media, it worked, but for those that question the media we saw straight through that BS. Imagine the surprise of the media when they saw wealthy white kids among the “rioters”. Also it seems like PM of Britain is similar to Bush in the fact that they tend to be anywhere but in their office especially during important events, smh.

Another problem was with some British politicians blaming blacks for the “gangster” culture that made some of those whites act so barbaric *pause and laughs*. Really? Honestly? Then I guess Greece and Canada are super-duper “gangsters” cause their riots were no joke and I didn’t see not one black person either, did you? I laugh at what people call gangster, a gangster to me is not the guy that shot some people, although that is a cause for concern, but the ones that wear the suits and ties and make laws that rape thousands of common people out of their money, while cutting funds for programs that benefit them; am I referring to the GOP or all of Congress? I leave that for you to decide. But yeah those people are gangster, they are robbing people blind, in their face, and the media reports it, that my friends is on a level not even Al Capone could reach and the best/sad part is they will never go to jail cause its legal.

Now back to the issue, the joke about gangster culture isn’t a joke its a scapegoat and sorry but POCs are not wearing the dunce cap for that crap, the British government and its corrupt police officers are to blame for what happened not those people who they deem trouble makers; had the government ensured true equality than they wouldn’t be going through this. Also,  you would think that with all the Big Brother surveillance (cameras) around Britain they would have caught on to what was happening a lot earlier. {I had to do it, sorry}

So as a final thought on this situation, the British people will out of fear allow more government surveillance along with Martial Law and end up just like 1984 and when they get to that point they will still blame Black people, smh you just can’t win with these people. Oh and this is an awesome clip that I got from a blog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=biJgILxGK0o

I love the way that old man corrected her, muhahahahah!


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