Positive Vibrations Wachira

Okay so I titled this positive vibrations because this is some positive news; as much as I can do post on the ills I can definitely do them on positive things. So while on a site called Lipstickalley.com I found an article; read it here. It is about a 16-year-old Kenyan girl named Shiro Keziah Wachira scoring the highest marks in an English Examination in the world! I don’t think you guys hear me, IN THE WORLD. The exam, Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), is taken all over the world and she beat more than 420,000 students around the world.

I mean not only is Ms. Wachira gorgeous, but she definitely have the brains as well. This news was lovely for me to come across and I am excited for Ms. Wachira, she is a shining example of who little girls should look up to and what women are made of. I want to wish her a huge congratulation and the best in all her future endeavors. I want to express the significance of this, she didn’t just rank high in her region, she didn’t just rank high in her district, she didn’t just rank high in her country, she didn’t just rank high in her continent, she ranked high in the WORLD! Wow talk about amazing.

The two links give personal background in Ms. Wachira’s life and what people who know her have to say about her; she has a wonderful command of the English language, heck I wonder if she can teach me, joking…. not. I hope this article inspire not just kids, but adults as well, the power of education is not only serious but important. Reading is fundamental, it helps to shape vocabulary as well as build it and not many youths are reading a lot or looking at it as fun, many regard it as a punishment. So again books are power and although not everything written is gospel, reading does open doors.

So again, Congratulations to Ms. Wachira and I continue to wish her well in her studies and anything in life that she pursues because that girl is on a path to greatness, good job girl!


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