Public Service Announcement: The Battle of Naturals vs. Ignorance

Okay I am supposed to be working on my post for the anniversary of Aaliyah and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson; however, I had to put that on hold because of a post a woman put on a website. Usually I summarize the article for the readers, but this is something that you must read first than read what I am going to say about it. Ready? Set? Go.

Okay have you finished reading it? Good

Okay I just want to start off by saying, what in the name of everything that is holy? Why would the salon stylist do that? I mean that’s just not only ignorant, but just plain rude, actually its beyond rude. I am natural and I am coming up on a year since I decided to do it, first transitioning, and its been two months since I chopped off all the relaxed ends and went from there. I’m not going to get into my whole natural experience because I will dedicate a post to that later.

I cannot imagine what that lady must have been going through, to go natural is not a spur of the moment situation it is hard and can take a while. So for that woman, that disrespectful creature, to do that leaves me speechless. I could not imagine if that was my hair, in fact I won’t even attempt to imagine because not only would that stylist get a slap from me so hard, she would be able to recall her ancestors, I would own that shop by the end of the day. What stands out to me is not the fact that the lady that witnessed this stayed and still gave them business, but the fact that all the stylist knew what “Tiffany” did and thought it was okay.

One of them even said that the woman should be happy to have a relaxer rather than wearing the hair that God gave her. *SMH* I mean wow that is a mentality that I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy and that’s a lot of people. I want you guys to look at the comments because they express my thoughts and one user was kind enough to show a picture of what the lady may have used and went into detail and explained it. This is just harsh on many levels; they basically made that lady start from scratch just because of their own stupidity and inability to embrace their hair.

Man wow, all I can say is that going natural or being natural is not a sudden trend and nor is it for fashion, although soon it might be when white people want it too and then it will be called slave hair; it is a truth. Again I will go deeper into what I mean in a later post but basically it is a journey about bring true to oneself and there are those that do not care for it nor do they care for others that are on it. I do really feel as though there is a coup being funded to overthrow black woman and men going natural, and the coup is mostly composed of people who look like us or share our hair type, but not our mindset

As I read on through the comments this has happened to a lot of people and putting straightener chemicals in natural hair under the disguise of it being a special conditioner is being done in some or a lot of African-American and Dominican hair salons. So my natural sisters and brothers I need you to be careful about going to salons and being even more careful about who touches your hair. Be vigilant and be strong.  

*Still thinking about post* Oh and if anyone does this to you, you have the American guran-dangon-tee to not only make them wish they were never born, but to sue them as well. It’s America so use your rights, before they are taken away… even more.          


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