GA You are out of your Mind!!!!!!

When Ray Charles sang of Georgia, it always made me smile and hum along although I knew nothing about the state. However, I do know that the state is run by idiots. Troy Davis was denied clemency by the parole board. For what reason? I get that a police officer was murdered, but what justice is there in his death if an innocent man is killed for it? This may sound harsh, but I’m through with being polite; I do not care an ounce for the police officers family that is grieving because they do not deserve an ounce of my care. I get that they are grieving, but if evidence is coming forth that Davis is innocent than they should heed it or at least think about it. But no they are screaming “Justice!” off the top of their lungs but they are forgetting to put the (in) in front of it. They do not want justice they want closure and there is a difference between the two.

Justice is when you want the one that did the crime to be punished, following?

Closure is when you do not care who gets punished as long as someone gets punished.

The two are not interchangeable at all. The lady and her son say that they believe Davis did it, they believe what they want to believe. I did not know that the case had been going on since 1989, that is a long time. Not only was Davis stripped of his life, he was stripped of his freedom, his rights, and everything that God gives a man. Three times Davis was to be executed and it didn’t happen, that to me is a sign, a sign for them to get it right; yet, they act blind, deaf, and dumb. If Davis’ blood is shed, from the bottom of my heart I mean this, I hope that each person involved in his death is forever haunted by his ghost. A person that co-signs the death of an innocent is no different from the one that plots to get the innocent killed.

This case took place in the late 80s to early 90s, a time in which racism was as hot as a pot of boiling water. America paints every black person in one brush, every one of us look-alike to them, so I believe that Davis was mistakenly identified as the killer,I am being generous with that word mistaken. I remember an episode of Good Times when JJ went to the art shop and was picked up by the police because someone had robbed the art shop. They drilled JJ to get him to confess, but he never did because he was innocent, but when the police found the robber, he looked nothing like JJ at all.

This happens all the time. I want President O’ Bama to intervene, but I will not hold my breath. Davis is fighting a battle that I cannot believe, to be given an execution date to be killed for something you did not commit, I cannot imagine what is running through his head. To the state of Georgia, you are backwards and a coward.

Those people want Davis dead, its plain to see, and they want him dead because they refuse to admit that they messed up, they got the wrong guy and has had the wrong guy for YEARS. I am saddened by this, they couldn’t even humble themselves to admit their fault. Pride is an ugly thing and it is something the state of Georgia is sitting on which will be its downfall. To the people on the Parole board that denied him clemency, I truly do hope that you get exactly what you deserve for the decision you made today.

For those that take this situation lightly, just remember its very easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so do not think this could not be you.

I hope the judge that will have the final say so has sense because if not they will not like the riots that will rise because of this case. I am hurt, pissed off, confused, not surprised, and wounded all at the same time. I will never look at the American flag the same way again, red is for the blood of innocents, blue is for the tears we cry for them, and white is for corrupted, tainted, muddied, justice.

Troy Davis: Innocent set for Execution

Right now I am backed up with topics that I have been behind on typing my opinion on. However to make this easier I want to talk about Troy Davis. An innocent man convicted of assault of murder. The case has so many loop holes of tom foolery that I can’t even begin to describe it, the police coerced people to testify against Davis, these people were on parole already and were threatened and bullied with worse if they did not comply,there is not one drop of physical evidence to link Davis to the crime. So basically his conviction is based on “eye-witness” testimony that is false to begin with. Now I do not know the legal system, although I do know it’s as corrupted as the Republican and Democratic Party; however, I did take mock trial and this seems very much like hearsay.

The most important point is that seven of the nine people who “testified” retracted their statement and talked about the pressure from police to convict Davis. I am getting very tired of innocent POCs being killed without reason especially when their innocence is proven time and time again. I am disgusted and pissed off, Casey Anthony’s ass got away scot-free she did not get charged with neglect despite the fact that it was clearly evident that she was neglecting her daughter. Again how many times will America defecate on POCs until we get it, there are many more Oscar Grant and I refuse to let Davis be another without a fight. My heart weep for the souls of the innocent that are murdered for no reason because no matter what their cries will never end. I hope that Oscar Grant haunts johannes mehserle, forever.

There is a possibility a strong one that despite Davis innocence he could be executed September 21. I don’t want that to happen and I want you guys to help me stop it along with those that have raised their voice about his situation and the injustice he is going through. So I will direct you to other blogs that have gone in-depth about his case, Abagond, Lipstick Alley, NAACP, and more.

Davis’ sister has been very adamant in getting her brothers story out there, so you can sign this petition, to help. Please spread the word about his situation. Everything helps, please send to the people who you know and ask them to send it. Please make America hear that this man is innocent because she is pretending to be blind and deaf.

Missing: Mishell-Nicole Green (Update)

I want so badly to get every missing kid and person but without knowing again I am at a huge loss. Sixteen year-old Mishell-Nicole Green went missing September 8, 2011. The first hour is always crucial and its been less than a week, so this is severly important. She was supposed to be starting her first day of school at a school in New York and was not seen. Flyers have been posted along with the news station in the Tri-state area running her story, but so far nothing. Everytime I come across a missing person, child or adult, my throat closes up because of how easy it is to see our daughters, sons, mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, and people we love and care about end up missing. I can definitely say that it hurts more when not a lot of coverage is given, or the coverage is only local rather than national. I am stating that any missing story I come across I will blog about and bring it to your attention and to the people I know and the whole online universe, as long as more than the people in that local area knows.

I want Ms. Green to be found and I can’t stress that enough. I want every missing person to be found. I am rambling and I am sorry. Read where I found out about her from here. I am glad that the local news in the Tri-state area is covering her story and the school has been posting flyers and more, so it’s not like there is complete silence on her.

Again the information along with this picture and the info I got from the link provided above. So again I ask you guys to please spread the word especially to those in the Tri-state area. I pray that she is found safe. I would hope that the news on the both the states in the East and West coast will cover this especially everywhere, but again I am not holding my breath. In News Writing we learned that people are mostly concerned with news based on proximity, but this is something that is not “oh poor girl and her family,” and go on about your business, this is something that you try to put out there, so please help and make sure the information about her is brought to a lot of people’s attention.

She was found!!!!!!!!!!!! Mishell-Nicole Green was found!!!!!!!!! thanks to a segment on the View. See this just gives me hope all over again. Thank you God, I pray that she is okay completely. Yay she was found! Thanks to all who clicked and searched and viewed the this post and most importantly thanks to Black and Missing they do an amazing job with helping to make sure kids are found. 🙂

Missing: Kathy Nicole Leath (Very Urgent) Update*

On Saturday a twenty-three year old woman, Kathy Nicole Leath and her infant daughter Genesis True Leath went missing. They were last seen around 3:30 p.m. after going to Ralphs supermarket at Pico Boulevard and San Vicente Boulvard in Los Angeles. This case is a very sensitive case because the 24-hour mark, which is most crucial, has already passed and because Kathy Leath is mentally handicapped and is said to have the mentality of a 10 year-old child. I just found out about this story and I wish I had found out sooner, but please again help to find her and her infant child.

At 10-years-old most children do not know not to go, talk to, or follow strangers and I wouldn’t be surprised if some idiot coerced her in some way. However, that is not the case, the case is that we have to send out info about her and her child to people that we know and around the country. so that she will not just be another face unheard of and/or unseen. So again I am asking the help of any and everyone in the Los Angeles area, whoever knows the area around Ralphs supermarket, or saw anything to provide info and spread the word. I want this woman and her child to be found safe and sound as well as given back to her family.

Leath was last seen wearing a purple tank top, blue jeans, black shoes and a costume jewelry ring and her daughter a purple one-piece baby outfit. Anyone with information can and should contact Wilshire Division Watch Commander at 213-473-0476. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

For those that want to be anonymous please contact Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477). Tipsters may also contact Crime Stoppers by texting to phone number 274637 (C-R-I-M-E-S on most keypads) with a cell phone. All text messages should begin with the letters “LAPD.” Tipsters may also go to, click on “webtips” and follow the prompts.

All information that I have provided was taken from the url I placed at the top. So please let us not remain silent or try to wait for the media, the same way we were loud about Rachel Tanibajeva, let’s be as loud or more about Kathy Leath. So please, please, please, please help to spread along this information and bring her and her daughter home.

Click the image to open in full size.

Kathy Nicole Leath

There are many moments in my life when something happens that cannot be humanely explained, I cannot understand how some people do not believe that God exist. Leath and her daughter were found at a hotel on  Luther King Jr. boulevard at 10:30 P.M. today. Yes! I am so glad that her and her daughter were found and were safe. Thank you for those that helped to spread the word, I thank you so much from my heart. God bless.

Special Post: Urgent Rachel Tanibajeva (Update) 

I’m not too much in the mind frame to try to put this together as best that I can. Rachel is a 10-year-old in New York that went missing at 10 am today. She was last seen at the corner of Fulton Street and Throop Avenue. She had on blue Jeans, flip-flops, green button up short-sleeved polo shirt, and a  grey jacket.  All this info along with the picture was on One person asked if the national press had gotten a hold on the story yet; however, we all know how that will go. The media is more concerned with the missing Aruba woman so I won’t expect any surprises. However, I feel as though we as people need to not wait for the media to do something before we do something. This girl has been missing since 10 this morning and its now 11:02 at night. I want very badly to get her back home and safe, like the article mentioned the first 24-hours are crucial. Please anyone and everyone please put the message out there, a young girl is missing and she could very much be your own child. Shes only 10 and her family has already stated that this is not like her and I cannot imagine the grief that they are going through. So please lets start being active NOW, get her back home, and/or start a search party for her. Please I beg you please forward this to everyone especially those in New York that know the street and avenue in which she was taken, or the area. Please if anyone saw anything please contact

Rachel Tanibajeva
 Update: Rachel has been found by police and she is safe. Thank you God! Also thank you to the ones that viewed and shed light. Here