Special Post: Urgent Rachel Tanibajeva (Update)


I’m not too much in the mind frame to try to put this together as best that I can. Rachel is a 10-year-old in New York that went missing at 10 am today. She was last seen at the corner of Fulton Street and Throop Avenue. She had on blue Jeans, flip-flops, green button up short-sleeved polo shirt, and a  grey jacket.  All this info along with the picture was on Yourblackworld.com. One person asked if the national press had gotten a hold on the story yet; however, we all know how that will go. The media is more concerned with the missing Aruba woman so I won’t expect any surprises. However, I feel as though we as people need to not wait for the media to do something before we do something. This girl has been missing since 10 this morning and its now 11:02 at night. I want very badly to get her back home and safe, like the article mentioned the first 24-hours are crucial. Please anyone and everyone please put the message out there, a young girl is missing and she could very much be your own child. Shes only 10 and her family has already stated that this is not like her and I cannot imagine the grief that they are going through. So please lets start being active NOW, get her back home, and/or start a search party for her. Please I beg you please forward this to everyone especially those in New York that know the street and avenue in which she was taken, or the area. Please if anyone saw anything please contact RachelMissing@gmail.com.

Rachel Tanibajeva
 Update: Rachel has been found by police and she is safe. Thank you God! Also thank you to the ones that viewed and shed light. Here


  1. Someone should delete this. Whenever you type up her name, this pops up and I don’t think she would want information in her being missing there, especially since it was years ago. Just a suggestion

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