Missing: Mishell-Nicole Green (Update)

I want so badly to get every missing kid and person but without knowing again I am at a huge loss. Sixteen year-old Mishell-Nicole Green went missing September 8, 2011. The first hour is always crucial and its been less than a week, so this is severly important. She was supposed to be starting her first day of school at a school in New York and was not seen. Flyers have been posted along with the news station in the Tri-state area running her story, but so far nothing. Everytime I come across a missing person, child or adult, my throat closes up because of how easy it is to see our daughters, sons, mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, and people we love and care about end up missing. I can definitely say that it hurts more when not a lot of coverage is given, or the coverage is only local rather than national. I am stating that any missing story I come across I will blog about and bring it to your attention and to the people I know and the whole online universe, as long as more than the people in that local area knows.

I want Ms. Green to be found and I can’t stress that enough. I want every missing person to be found. I am rambling and I am sorry. Read where I found out about her from here. I am glad that the local news in the Tri-state area is covering her story and the school has been posting flyers and more, so it’s not like there is complete silence on her.

Again the information along with this picture and the info I got from the link provided above. So again I ask you guys to please spread the word especially to those in the Tri-state area. I pray that she is found safe. I would hope that the news on the both the states in the East and West coast will cover this especially everywhere, but again I am not holding my breath. In News Writing we learned that people are mostly concerned with news based on proximity, but this is something that is not “oh poor girl and her family,” and go on about your business, this is something that you try to put out there, so please help and make sure the information about her is brought to a lot of people’s attention.

She was found!!!!!!!!!!!! Mishell-Nicole Green was found!!!!!!!!! thanks to a segment on the View. See this just gives me hope all over again. Thank you God, I pray that she is okay completely. Yay she was found! Thanks to all who clicked and searched and viewed the this post and most importantly thanks to Black and Missing they do an amazing job with helping to make sure kids are found. 🙂


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