GA You are out of your Mind!!!!!!

When Ray Charles sang of Georgia, it always made me smile and hum along although I knew nothing about the state. However, I do know that the state is run by idiots. Troy Davis was denied clemency by the parole board. For what reason? I get that a police officer was murdered, but what justice is there in his death if an innocent man is killed for it? This may sound harsh, but I’m through with being polite; I do not care an ounce for the police officers family that is grieving because they do not deserve an ounce of my care. I get that they are grieving, but if evidence is coming forth that Davis is innocent than they should heed it or at least think about it. But no they are screaming “Justice!” off the top of their lungs but they are forgetting to put the (in) in front of it. They do not want justice they want closure and there is a difference between the two.

Justice is when you want the one that did the crime to be punished, following?

Closure is when you do not care who gets punished as long as someone gets punished.

The two are not interchangeable at all. The lady and her son say that they believe Davis did it, they believe what they want to believe. I did not know that the case had been going on since 1989, that is a long time. Not only was Davis stripped of his life, he was stripped of his freedom, his rights, and everything that God gives a man. Three times Davis was to be executed and it didn’t happen, that to me is a sign, a sign for them to get it right; yet, they act blind, deaf, and dumb. If Davis’ blood is shed, from the bottom of my heart I mean this, I hope that each person involved in his death is forever haunted by his ghost. A person that co-signs the death of an innocent is no different from the one that plots to get the innocent killed.

This case took place in the late 80s to early 90s, a time in which racism was as hot as a pot of boiling water. America paints every black person in one brush, every one of us look-alike to them, so I believe that Davis was mistakenly identified as the killer,I am being generous with that word mistaken. I remember an episode of Good Times when JJ went to the art shop and was picked up by the police because someone had robbed the art shop. They drilled JJ to get him to confess, but he never did because he was innocent, but when the police found the robber, he looked nothing like JJ at all.

This happens all the time. I want President O’ Bama to intervene, but I will not hold my breath. Davis is fighting a battle that I cannot believe, to be given an execution date to be killed for something you did not commit, I cannot imagine what is running through his head. To the state of Georgia, you are backwards and a coward.

Those people want Davis dead, its plain to see, and they want him dead because they refuse to admit that they messed up, they got the wrong guy and has had the wrong guy for YEARS. I am saddened by this, they couldn’t even humble themselves to admit their fault. Pride is an ugly thing and it is something the state of Georgia is sitting on which will be its downfall. To the people on the Parole board that denied him clemency, I truly do hope that you get exactly what you deserve for the decision you made today.

For those that take this situation lightly, just remember its very easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so do not think this could not be you.

I hope the judge that will have the final say so has sense because if not they will not like the riots that will rise because of this case. I am hurt, pissed off, confused, not surprised, and wounded all at the same time. I will never look at the American flag the same way again, red is for the blood of innocents, blue is for the tears we cry for them, and white is for corrupted, tainted, muddied, justice.


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