Troy Davis: Innocent set for Execution

Right now I am backed up with topics that I have been behind on typing my opinion on. However to make this easier I want to talk about Troy Davis. An innocent man convicted of assault of murder. The case has so many loop holes of tom foolery that I can’t even begin to describe it, the police coerced people to testify against Davis, these people were on parole already and were threatened and bullied with worse if they did not comply,there is not one drop of physical evidence to link Davis to the crime. So basically his conviction is based on “eye-witness” testimony that is false to begin with. Now I do not know the legal system, although I do know it’s as corrupted as the Republican and Democratic Party; however, I did take mock trial and this seems very much like hearsay.

The most important point is that seven of the nine people who “testified” retracted their statement and talked about the pressure from police to convict Davis. I am getting very tired of innocent POCs being killed without reason especially when their innocence is proven time and time again. I am disgusted and pissed off, Casey Anthony’s ass got away scot-free she did not get charged with neglect despite the fact that it was clearly evident that she was neglecting her daughter. Again how many times will America defecate on POCs until we get it, there are many more Oscar Grant and I refuse to let Davis be another without a fight. My heart weep for the souls of the innocent that are murdered for no reason because no matter what their cries will never end. I hope that Oscar Grant haunts johannes mehserle, forever.

There is a possibility a strong one that despite Davis innocence he could be executed September 21. I don’t want that to happen and I want you guys to help me stop it along with those that have raised their voice about his situation and the injustice he is going through. So I will direct you to other blogs that have gone in-depth about his case, Abagond, Lipstick Alley, NAACP, and more.

Davis’ sister has been very adamant in getting her brothers story out there, so you can sign this petition, to help. Please spread the word about his situation. Everything helps, please send to the people who you know and ask them to send it. Please make America hear that this man is innocent because she is pretending to be blind and deaf.


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