Missing: Jahessye (Jessie) Shockley

Jahessye Shockley went missing between October 12-14 in Phoenix, Arizona. The five-year old was last seen by her three siblings around 5 p.m. and never again. It is said that the little girl left the house by unlocking the door and walking out. An Amber alert had been set in placed for her, for 48 hours, but had to be taken down. The suburban area of Glendale, where she lives, has aided in helping to look for her along with plenty of volunteers. However, despite all efforts made Shockley is still missing. There have been further updates in her case, but none that has yield any results. She is 3 feet and 5 inches tall, brown eyes, weighs 55 pounds, and was last seen wearing a plain white t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and pink sandals. Anyone with information can call (623)-930-4357. I do not know about Arizona let alone the Phoenix area, but anyone that has any information please call in. All these missing kids that I have posted about that I can barely find detail information on hurts my heart cause there is no reason why they should be treated as though they are not important. Please let’s get these kids home because these children are ours, whether we know them or not.

Jahessye Shockley



  1. My husband and I have seven children all together in our family, and one of our children if 5 years of age and I can’t imagine that anybody could be capable of mistreating let alone harming what is their own flesh and blood that you carry in your womb for 40weeks. I pray with all my heart and with others that have heard of this unfortunate act of kindness that she is at PEACE. No one deserves the wrath of that much hatred. Especially, OUR children, that is why they are given to us as gifts and some unfortunately abuse that. We as thier parents are designated to be their PROTECTORS, give guidance, love and support when they need it.

    They offer us UNCONDITIONAL LOVE what do you offer in return???

  2. Why did they return the poor child and her sisters to the monster of a mother? There is enough evidence to prosecute Jerishe Hunter becasuse the 2 older sisters saw their little sister being tortured and locked in a closet. Four years of child abuse isn’t enough to cure the mother. As usuaal, social services secrewed up. They should be closed down, especially after this horrific death and that of the 2 Powell boys in Washington. How much longer do we have to tolerate these animals who kill children.?

    • That is something that I will never understand either. The mother had a history of abusing the kids and yet the Social Workers found it fitting to place the very children she abused back in her care. Honestly only God knows how long, but I know for a fact that these people will get theres, but no matter what I am keeping the hope that Jahessye is still alive. Thank you for commenting.

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