Philadelphia School District… WTH?

I am on a site that I have provided links to on many occasions and I read this: Bullied 6-year-old finds no help from school district. Now I would really like you to read the whole thing because its important. The post is about a 6-year old Menduawor being bullied by three kids at his school; the boy has been physically injured and had to go to the hospital many times. Guess what the school district did? Not a dang on thing, in fact they gave the boy’s parents Gbahtuo and Rachel Comgbaye the run around, multiple times. The three bullies, who are first graders and African-American picked on the boy telling him that “they didn’t like his name.” (Yeah you read that right).

I have been bullied before and I do not condone it. Let alone for little kids to be beating others into the hospital. Menduawor’s parents has not sent the boy to school and the school have threatened them with the fact that he is being marked absent. I’m trying to get my head around this whole situation. The district school officials who didn’t do not a dang-on thing now wants to threaten people? You have got to be joking me.

The area has growing tension between Africans and African-American’s, well I say middle finger to all that. If African-American’s got a problem with the African’s moving in they can just shut the fuck up cause we moving in. This is what bothers me, these same people act the way whites act when they come into their neighborhood. Like really?

As I read the post I found myself getting upset because this little boy is being picked on for no reason other than he’s African. The school and those little bad ass boys better be glad that the Comgbaye’s didn’t whoop they little asses. Real talk if this happened to my child there would be hell to pay and I dare someone try to do something about it, I got something for them that even the military ain’t got. What the hell are the parents of today teaching their children? It’s okay to pick on someone because they are different then you and then they wonder why the kids of today are messed up in the head now?

African-American’s, this doesn’t speak for all, but I have seen how they treat African’s, like they are better than them cause they speak “English” and don’t have an accent or a long name, or whatever they say to make themselves feel better. I am African and the crap I heard was ridiculous, but let an African say something about Black Americans that’s when all hell breaks loose, you can kiss me good-bye with that. I had to many times put some African-American’s in their place about how they were not “superior” to African’s in any way and boy did they get mad, boo-hoo.

I am upset that the school district didn’t do a dang-on thing about the incidents and then want to be stupid and act like shit gets real when the parents get serious with they ass. Bullying in general is getting out of hand, I dislike everything about bullying because it can mess some people up for years and for some it builds them up. I agree with the posters that the three boys doing the bullying are most likely learning this behavior from their parents, but all I have to say is whoever they are learning this from ain’t shit.

Gosh I don’t even know really what to say. I am so upset. Like what the heck is going on in the world? I believe the devil is working over time with all this nonsense that’s happening. I want the school district to be sued, the parents of the three bullies, and every authoritative figure in that school that turned a blind eye to the bullying.

It should not take the threat of a law suit to make the school district act right. This is why I just shake my head at the officials placed in schools they get paid to befriend the bad kids and not discipline them. I’ll leave you guys with this: Shit never gets real until the bullied kid shoots up the school, that’s when folks start wishing and hoping that they had done something before.

P.S. Philadelphia School District I raise you my middle finger, and to those kids parents or guardians, I hope someone calls CPS, and to the Comgbaye family my heart goes out to you guys and please, please, please sue these bastards.


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