First Lady Booed at Nascar, What the heck?

So the first lady went to a NASCAR event and instead of receiving a round of applause and a strong sense of welcome, love, and warmth, she is met with a round of boos. The very people doing the booing should not only be ashamed of themselves, but they should pack their bags and get the heck out of America. What kind of nonsense is that? You “boo” your First Lady? Not only is it disrespectful it shows a lack of intellect and manners on their part. I wish someone would “boo” the Queen of Saudi Arabia Fathima Kulsum  and see if they don’t get their behinds sliced.

And yes I am comparing a Queen to the First Lady because the title of being the First lady is important similar to how the title of President is viewed with prestige. First of all I have never liked NASCAR and I’m glad I don’t cause their fans are simple-minded and out of touch with reality and overall rude. American’s seem not to understand how they are making themselves appear to the outside world. Not only do they disrespect their President, but also their first lady, if I was a person in another country waying in on what I saw, I would almost commend the police for pepper spraying the American people.

Those people should be glad that Mrs. O’ Bama graced them with her presence cause let’s be honest what other first lady gave a hoot what NASCAR and its crazy fans were doing or what the “sport” was about? Yep, none. Then to top it off Rush Limbaugh that body of flesh that calls itself a man had the audacity to say something along the lines of: “The NASCAR people know in their hearts that the O’ Bama’s don’t like white people.” Umm…. *PAUSE*

What? I mean seriously didn’t the President basically tell the African-American congregation to shut up, sit the flip down, and stop complaining, but put boot-to-ass when the GOP allowed a homosexual male that served his country to be booed on television? That wasn’t for us that was for the whites in the LBGT community that were already waiting and ready to wrap their rainbow flags around a few politician’s necks.

I do not like Rush and other white supremacist like him that spew garbage out their mouth and that further ensures that white people continue to be paranoid that “their country” is being taken from their hands, not to mention that they illegally occupied this continent around the 1400s without regard to the people already living here, but that is a post for another day.

Screw you NASCAR along with your idiotic fans that booed their first lady simply because she doesn’t need to tan and still looks younger than all the first lady’s combined, yeah I went there. I could easily say it is NASCAR, I mean the sport barely has any people of color in it and it’s still predominantly a white sport; however, that is letting them off too easy. They are old enough to know that they should respect a person above their caliber, one who is just as important as the President, and one that is truly being amazing in the face of all the backlash she has gotten simply for being a person and woman of color.

They should be lucky I’m not their First Lady because I would have a bunch of ninja’s as my body-guards and you can boo me if you want, but you will get  dealt with like this and that’s if I’m in a good mood.


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