Terrorism and Oil Spill on Nigeria’s Border

On Christmas day 27-39, the numbers vary upon sources, people were killed by a bomb that went off in churches near the capital Abuja, Nigeria. A muslim sect, Boko Haram, has stated that they are behind the attack and want to impose Sharia law all across Nigeria.

First I want to say may the souls of the people who were killed rest in peace and may God be with their families as they grieve the death of their loved ones.

I won’t lie something about this situation doesn’t sit right with me, especially since America has jumped at the chance to help Nigeria find the people responsible for this situation. I don’t want the U.S. involved at all, in fact I feel as though Nigeria should deal with the situation all on their own because once the U.S. is involved they don’t leave.

Also remember a while back, the U.S. wanting to place a military in Nigeria to “help” them?

I feel as though the Nigerian government should deal with this issue with their own resources and only their resources without any “help” or interference from outsiders, especially the same outsiders that threatened to withhold aid from them for their anti-gay bill, something I’m not completely in favor of, but its their country.

Not to mention there have been plenty of Christmas bombings in Nigeria before, that never made the news or gotten such a serious and immediate response from the west, so what makes this event any special?

Then a few days before the Christmas day bombing, an oil spill courtesy of Shell happened near Nigeria’s borders and not one lick of it was mentioned on the news, not that I’m surprised or anything. This oil spill is the largest oil spill in the African nation since 1998; however, it is practically swept under the rug, very interesting.

We all know why the oil spill wasn’t talked about as much as the golf oil spill, speaking of which have they cleaned up that situation? Moving on this is just not cool. Again I see the world exactly for what it is, politics and money and all have a lot of divide and conquer techniques in it.

Shell has already said that is taking the steps necessary to deal with the spill, but the fact that they were previously investigated for their oil procedures, yet they have never been reprimanded in any way. Then on top of that the oil company does not give any not the amount it should at least, of the profit it makes to the Nigerian people and they have polluted the land for over 50 years.

Also the oil company has used the Nigerian military to kill Nigerian civilians that stood up to them in the 90s and most likely continues to this day. They continue to do worse and sadly the Nigerian government has allowed them with killing protestors that stand up to the company.

I’m just going to put it out there for people to understand: something in the water isn’t clean and it’s not just the oil.

Let He Without Fat…..

So a CongressAss named Jim “No-sense” Brenner was caught ranting and raving about the beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama, having a large posterior. Why you mad bro?

This issue is hilarious in the fact that why is Mr. Sensenbrenner staring at the First Lady’s behind to begin with? Here are a list of reasons:

  • He wishes he had Mrs. Obama’s behind
  • He wishes he was President Obama so he could be with Mrs.Obama
  • He wishes his wife was built like Mrs.Obama

All these possible reasons have to do with some form of infatuation with the First Lady on his part. I mean seriously google an image of the guy, he has no right to talk. Mrs. Obama is fit and healthy while this mans belly has its own gravitational pull. I could go on to say that maybe just maybe Jim is jealous of Mrs. Obama. I mean I would be too if I looked like him.

Seriously though there is an important saying called “practice what you preach” and “lack-of-common-sense” Brenner needs to follow his own advice. At the end of the day Mrs.Obama is on a health mission to get Americans in shape and Jim is surely lacking shape and form, good thing he’s not the poster boy for exercise.

Here is a tip Brenner, when you look the way you do, you have no right to talk about someone who can run 3 miles around you without breaking a sweat.

Just in case my first reason for his comment rings true, he should find a way to get the fat in his belly to fill his flat ass, I’m done.

WalMart on some G.I.Joe & Cobra Type ish

The huge retail store, known for its low prices and its smiley face companion, has been in the news for a number of reasons. all negative. They dealt with a law suit by its workers, a stabbing, and now the endangering of a family during this approaching holiday.

In Commerce Township, Michigan, Levi Stubbs and his family had gone into the Wal-Mart there to purchase some items and had paid for those items, in cash, with a few $100 bills. As the Stubbs left the store and got into their car they were surrounded and met with guns pointed at them by, G.I. Joe I mean, police.

A Wal-Mart employee had called the police insisting that the $100 bills used by Stubbs were counterfeit, fake.

So this family has just been terrorized by Cobra’s army, I mean police, all for nothing. Yep you read that right. The employee basically lied, the money was never counterfeit it was the real deal.

So all this action movie sequence just took place because of a dang on lie. I doubt if the Stubbs were the only family to have used $100 bills to pay for their purchases so what made them stand out like a sore thumb? Maybe it begins with “R” and ends in “Ism” you fill in the blank.

I want to know exactly how the employee that called this in, whose identity is being protected for whatever reason, figured the bills were fake. Don’t they have a marker that exposes if a bill is real or fake? I mean every gas station I have been in seems to have one, heck any place dealing with money should have that marker.

This could easily be shrugged off as a mistake, but when mistakes have the potential to cause injury or harm to people they can not be viewed that simply. What if the police chose to shoot at the man and his family? They could have done it since they drew their weapons out on the family, despite the fact that a child was present, like this is the French-Indian War or Fast and Furious.

If this situation really had hit the fan, then people would look at it differently. I hope the Stubbs sue Wal-Mart, I hope the idiot that called it in gets the snot beat out of them and mostly fired, and I hope the police are sued too. I don’t see how the police needed to come out there like the S.W.A.T team with guns drawn this isn’t the wild, wild west.

Even if the money was counterfeit, did all that really need to be done?

Bikini Waxes for Pre-teen Girls

Maybe society is out of whack, society is on crack, maybe people who r idiots should be locked away and not have kids, or maybe just maybe its the end of the times. I’m going to go with all four.

Why should 11 year olds get a Bikini wax?

Parents just be doing too much nowadays, I mean seriously. For what reason would an 11-year-old need a bikini wax? I mean I can see if they are maturing faster and do not want it to show through the bathing suit, which should be a one piece, but isn’t that why there are shorts available with bathing suits?

This whole sexualization of children is getting on my dang on nerves! Let kids be kids its bad enough you got them sliding down on polls, now this? I have said it before and I will say it again we have pedophiles running the world trying to make pedophilia look cool and okay. It is not okay in any way to lust after a kid, sick twisted bastards.

I find bikini waxing of young girls to be too much, why? Just because it makes them focus too heavily on their bodies plus they do not need to be touched around that area at that age, it can provoke sexual feelings and so on. This is different from a pre-teen girl going through her period or puberty those are changes that even in itself can cause issues and discomfort for young girls, but that’s biological; however, this is just a whole other ball game.

Someone is placing their hands close to an area that can awaken sexual feelings and emotions that an 11-year-old will be confused about. This could possibly lead to a body obsession for the girls and just other inappropriate things and some may find the link between a bikini wax and sexual awakening stupid, but thinks about it. A young kid is surfing the internet and is playing games, a pop up link of porn shows up and the kid is shocked than confused. That porn link that shows up, whether it’s a woman with no clothes or dressed revealing, a man with no clothes, or two people in an intimate position, it opens the doors for the young kids mind to become curious which leads to experimentation, awakening of the kids body, masturbation, and so on.

So if you get that example than you can see the link I stated above. I just can’t with people in today’s world. Seriously parents stop, you are not your kids friend, you are not in their class, and you are not graduating with them, and you are not the same age as them, at least you shouldn’t be, and you are not them. Stop trying to live through your dang on kids and stop trying to be their friend, and for the love of our Father who is in heaven shaking his head at your messiness, stop listening to society and stop letting society get into your head!

I’m done.

Hey Secret Service Should I Get Him or Should You?

Jules Manson a member of the KKK… I mean the Tea Party, ranted on his Facebook calling for the assassination of President Obama. He refered to the President as the n-word and called his two beautiful daughters monkeys. So I have one question: Secret Service where are you?

I mean this dude just asked for the killing of the President, is no one taking this seriously? Just a few days ago there was a man who shot at the White House trying to kill the president and his family and called himself the modern-day Jesus. I am going to say right now, Jesus does not pack guns, he has a host of angels with him that can do more damage than a gun. Didn’t the bible warn you people about false prophets and demons that lie and say they come in the Lords name?

Jules Manson is a symbol, a symbol of how “post-racial” America is a bunch of bull crap. I mean I knew all that with the way they attacked the First Lady for no reason just cause they were jealous and racist. I need Secret Service to do their job and get this man because if they don’t someone will, just guessing.

I wonder how Manson would feel if someone called for the killing of his family. Scratch that I could care less, people like him show exactly what America have been and is about.

Again this man not only wanted to kill the president, which is treason and more, he called for the killing of his children as well. The First children are innocent and have nothing to do with politics and they should not be called out their name because a pale, pink, wrinkled bastard is upset that slavery is over.

Man you people are so lucky I’m not in that office because I would strip all that mans civil rights, what is left any ways, and beat all nonsense out of him.

Then the idiot tried to say using the n-word does not make him a racist. I am making a public service announcements to white folks, especially women, and other folks who think using the n-word is “progressive”: Africans in the world are not monolithic, Africans in America are not monolithic, just because you may have a group of black friends that let you use the word without problem does not mean every African in America will do the same. Point blank understand that using the n-word period may just get you a beat down.

I can say it all day that I do not agree with everything President Obama does, but you would never ever see me advocating for his assassination or saying that I wish death on him and it’s not because of the Secret Service, but because he is a human being. The man has gotten into something that is draining him something we can see physically with his gray hair, but it’s what we don’t see that goes on behind the curtains.

As for Jules Manson, you better watch your back you know President Obama have people who love him and will get you without him even snapping a finger, just saying.

This blogger right here gives better insight than me: TransGriot.

Nigerian Women Most Unfaithful? As If

Yvonne Okoro

According to some ridiculous “research” made by ridiculous people it has been “discovered” or should I say “scientifically” proven that Nigerian women are the most unfaithful women in the world. Now replace that word unfaithful with brutally honest and I would have to agree.

I find it hilarious that none of the western countries are on the poll seeing as how Western women and men have the highest divorce rate, but one is not supposed to look pass such “evidence” and realize the truth.

Think about the Western countries and how the women and men are constantly dealing with cheating. Look at almost every show in the Western countries it all deals with cheating and more; sorry but come again and come harder.

This is why I have never ever believed in the concept of how one can question a group of people randomly and suddenly get an accurate report. This is how stupid propaganda gets pushed. I bet the people conducting the “research” went to Nigeria and got turned down so badly they couldn’t handle it.

Some Africans have commented on it believing the ridiculous hype, please go bury your head in the sand, believe you me Naija women are not the type.

Samburu People

The Samburu people live on Eland Down in Laikipia near a mountain in Kenya. The people have lived there for over two decades; however, they have been raped, beaten, and violently taken off their land due to its sell to two U.S. based charities for preserving wildlife.

There have been discrepancies over the land seeing as how Kenya’s previous president was known for land grabbing, mostly likely illegally, and documents that would help to clear the issue are conveniently not available, destroyed.

Either way the Samburu people’s situation is not being taken seriously and their government is not doing much fast enough. It could be safe to assume that the U.S. based charities The Nature Conservancy and the African Wildife Foundation did not know of the shady business with the land, but lets not jump to conclusions.

Well the charities know now and whatever happened especially the deal of purchasing the land should not continue. The Kenyan government get the middle finger from me simply because they are allowing this to take place, police brutality of any sort is a no, no.

This is where I get angry, of all the places to station animals, why is the continent of Africa chosen? I mean there aren’t any jungles and all that fantasy bullshit there so why? Then on top of that with the large number of Africans in the continent where is all this land being given up coming from?

Just some months ago I read about some well-known Historically Black College University (HBCU), Spelman College , purchasing land in my continent with money from European backers. Suspicious? I think so.

I just don’t get it, where is all this land coming from? Do people truly believe land is just in the continent without people living there? Do they think some mighty deity has created a wasteland in the continent killing off the people just to give land to save animals? Do people still believe in the “undiscovered” Dark continent?

Maybe people know that none of these things have happened, but they simply don’t give a hoot. Some of the Samburu people have been forced to relocate with the terrible trauma they have gone through and this is not right.

Seriously Kenya is this what you guys are doing now? Keep letting the U.S. in your country, but don’t be crying when you end up like Irag and Afghanistan; just remember neither of those countries asked for U.S. interference and they still got invaded.