Missing: 2-years-old Bianca Jones (Update)

In Detroit Bianca’s father was car jacked and 10 minutes later the car was found miles away from the scene without Bianca in the car. Detroit police is searching for the little girl.

Bianca is described as light-skinned female, weighing 25 pounds, and she was wearing a purple coat with gold trim and pink tights and her hair is braided.

In Detroit according to the poster the police is not playing and has sent out helicopters and more to aid in finding the little girl. I am glad that this situation is being taken seriously, although it mostly likely not make national headline I am glad that something in that local area is being done to find her.

Yet, there is still more that can be done through the internet. Above is a picture of the little girl and in the link the suspects are described,

Suspect #1 – A black male, approx. 6′, 190 lbs., wearing a black jacket with a red shirt underneath, dark pants and a brown and black hat, a thin scraggly beard, armed with a blue steel revolver.

Suspect #2 – Undescribed, except that he is said to have exited a small red, boxy-styled car.”

I got the link of the story through blackandmissing twitter page.

Update: So far there has been many different things written as to what is going on in the Bianca Jones case. When I googled her name to see how the case is going people are writing so many different views and I can’t figure out what is right or what is wrong. However, the one thing that is constant is the fact that her father is a suspect of interest and the police are investigating him. Some people when the story broke found it to be fishy and immediately pointed to the father, so we will see how the investigation goes.

Please still pray that little Bianca Jones may still be found safe.


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