Missing: Jannelle Melissa Northey

Jannelle Melissa Northey






Janelle Melissa Northey is a 33-year old woman that was last seen on the 9900 block of Greenbelt Rd in Greenbelt Md. Her debit card had been actively used in several stores but the day of her being last seen is not sure. She is listed as critical missing.

She is an African-American woman, with black hair and brown eyes, 5 ft 4, and weights 170 pounds. Northey is listed as critical missing because she is bi-polar and suffers from schizophrenia and diabetes and could in severe need of her medication. The Prince George’s County Police is looking into this, but they are reaching out for help to find her.

DMV please please help to spread the word, this post by Blackandmissing was done November 18 and now its December 2, over a week has passed so please spread the word.

If anyone has any information please contact the PGC police at (301) 390-2160.


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