A Scandal Can Stop the Cain Show

So GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, Uncle Ruckus if you’re nasty, has shut down his campaign and given the final curtain call. Since I first saw Cain and heard about his words of “wisdom” I knew that his time on the campaign trail was limited. Surprisingly the punch did not come from a Democratic candidate, nope the punch came from his own political party, the GOP.

Herman Cain did not get the message that his predecessor Michael Steel got; they are to be seen, but not heard. What do I mean by this? I mean that from the moment Cain was introduced as a potential candidate the GOP was using him as a token, a token to get the black vote by preaching to them about the tasty goodness of cornbread.

The GOP played the race card, yes they did don’t lie, they pulled that card while the rest of the country was sleeping. I can see them now in their GOP boy scout outfits, sitting near a bond fire in their underground bunker, drinking warm milk and eating cookies with some freshly grown weed rolled and ready. The GOP used Cain’s race as a political tactic because they saw the situation purely as a race issue.

The GOP did not regard Cain as a serious candidate nor was he supposed to be, hence why he was to be only see not heard, like how you can see mines doing moves in your face but you can’t hear them, yeah. However, that highly thought out plan seemed to bite the Republican party in their untanned behinds.

Think about it, the moment America has a black president, Barack O’ Bama is not the first black president he is just the first that will take them a few years to white wash in textbooks, is the very moment they decide to use a black Republican candidate and throw him in the face of every American television outlet. I smell suspicious activity.

Now how many times have the Republican party been quick to choose a Black candidate when their opponent on the Democratic side is white? *Cricket* Thank you.

Now one could bring up Michael Steele, yes good ole Steel, the man who broke a lot of “first black…” records for the Republican party; however, they seemed to discard him after the awe surrounding his candidacy evaporated, funny isn’t it?

The Republican party knew that they needed the black vote, a vote that the Democrats get without breaking a sweat, so in their minds all they needed was a black face and that would be enough, it’s not like it didn’t work for the Democrats.

Yet, the Republicans didn’t count on one thing, that the Africans in America are not as gullible as they think they are, seeing a black face isn’t enough to inspire support, heck most blacks I talked to found Cain to be humorous rather than serious.

But something in the water changed, Cain didn’t want to be a wallflower anymore, he wanted to be a peacock, not just any peacock but the most beautiful peacock so Cain put on his pimping gear and got straight to work letting the GOP know what time it was; people loved it, like chicken.

Suddenly Cain was everywhere, even when he said idiotic stuff out his mouth, the American people couldn’t get enough of him especially the white folks, then Cain started the whole operation Cornbread name change and it was a rap! He blew up even more with his 9-9-9 deal and saying that racism didn’t exist in the GOP Party. *roll eyes*

Unfortunately resentment began growing among the other Republican candidates, they were not happy with Cain’s success, so they decided to finish the “Cornbread” once and for all; they hit up the women Cain possibly conducted inappropriate business with, made a pact with them, and then called up TMZ and spilled the tea.

I believe the GOP is responsible for Cain’s scandal becoming public because the scandal didn’t surface until he became a presidential hopeful. I believe the ring leader of the group to do it was Rick Perry because his “N***er head” situation suspiciously and quickly became silent under the exposure of Cain’s situation.

Yet, the scandal didn’t do much damage to Cain since his popularity in the polls did not take much of a hit and bullying him during the Republican Debate didn’t seem to work either; however, the ending result was achieved and Cain is now out of the race.

I do not know if Cain did what he was accused of, its 50/50, but I do not think for one second that the GOP didn’t know about the issue before nominating Cain to candidate status. It’s similar to when politicians closets become opened for the world to see, prime examples Edward, Clinton, and more, those skeletons were never truly a secret, the politicians just pissed off the wrong people or person that could make it a public sensation.

I feel as though the Republican party forgot what year and century it was when they chose Cain with all his “plantation talk.”

<—-History Alert—->

Everyone knows that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves right?

Everyone knows that the Republicans and Democrats used to be one party right?

The two major parties we have now used to be a one coalition show, however they broke apart due to many different ideals especially toward slavery. The republican party became many names but was mostly known as having an affiliation with Lincoln. With Lincoln freeing the slaves in the south, so the north definitely still had slaves, he became the symbol of hope and goodness.

The Democrats who were pro-slavery and very much a southern powerhouse definitely weren’t pleased.

Moving on we have time of Reconstruction which was more effectively carried out under Congress and aided in allowing Blacks to be able to vote, stationing of troops to protect the blacks, and more; this era of peace lasted for 10 years. Now the time period we are talking about  is around the 1800s and around this time Blacks were 100% down for the Republican party and were very loyal.

However, that loyalty would cost them in the election of 1877 when the Republican party basically turned their backs on them with the election of Rutherford B Hayes, a man who made sure to reverse all the progress made by blacks under the Reconstruction period putting them back under the harsh rule of racist Southern officials that he placed back in power.

Now this is one of the many betrayals done to the blacks by the Republican party especially decades later during the Great Depression when the Republicans spoke of “rugged individualism” rather than giving governmental assistance to those in need, while Franklin D. Roosevelt helped to get the people out of the Depression.

<—-End of History Lesson—->

So as a result of an intricate and painful history Blacks had with Republicans you now see the majority giving their vote to the Democratic party. So all that plantation talk Cain was spitting might have worked in the 1800s, but definitely not in 2011.

There are theories as to the whole Cain, GOP, and scandal triangle that has come about. Maybe the GOP used the scandal as a way to get more coverage, maybe Cain was supposed to be a controversial candidate similar to how President O’ Bama was in 2008, or maybe Cain wanted to come clean about his past to his wife and the scandal outbreak gave him the means to do so. You never what these politicians are thinking let alone doing.

I just felt the need to share that I’m not surprised at the outcome of Cain’s run on the campaign trail especially when his tune changed once he stated that racism was the reason he was being attacked. I do believe, wait what am I saying, I know racism played a part in Cain’s scandal still being shown and talked about; once a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman gave a conference about an incident that she had with Cain, that was the final nail in the coffin.

A lesson to learn from this is if you hope to one day be a politician and run for any office in this country make sure your closet is clean in fact make sure your closet is so clean that there is not one speck of dust in it, BUT if you do have skeletons in your closet make sure to write a tell-all book about it, outing yourself so that it is not a surprise when its brought up.

Remember how the media had a field day with the knowledge that President O’ Bama had smoked a few trees, despite him admitting to it in his book,  like the people in Congress never did worse than weed.

I’m just saying if you plan on running for anything in this country: make all child support payments, be best friends with all ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands/ex-wives, and if you owe anyone any money pay them plus interest, I’m out.


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