What do Italy and Israel have in common? Anti-African sentiments

An Italian racist named Gianluca Casseri shot and killed two Senegalese vendors in Florence, Italy.

May the souls of the two people killed rest in peace and may those injured and wounded heal soon. So the bastard is dead and honestly I can careless about whether the police killed him or if he offed himself. I would rather him be alive to get tortured and some more. The idiot belonged to a far right group called Casa Pound. The group is very anti-African and want Africans out of their country.

Hmm, where have I heard such similar sentiments? Israel with its stupid protest in Tel Aviv by a far right group talking about how they want all the Africans out of their country and so on and so on.

Number 1. They invaded, spread, and multiplied on Palestinian land! There shouldn’t even be an Israel, but say this out in the public and suddenly you are hit with all types of “anti-Semitism” and the history of the holocaust and what not. I feel for those that experienced the holocaust, but does the world know about the concentration camps that were opened in some African countries doing the same things to the natives, once the last concentration camp was closed in Europe? Yeah marinate on that.

Number 2. They are not the true Hebrews, so they can miss me with all their white washing of history cause I’m not down with it. In the ancient biblical times the Egyptians and Hebrews were Africans, not white Africans, and in the bible they tell you how easily Moses, a Hebrew, passed for an Egyptian. So if Moses was able to pass than how dark was my homie that parted the Red Sea? Yeah connect the dots.

Number 3. Those people in Tel Aviv can sit their asses down. This is what gets me about those people, you went through the holocaust, an incident that we still talk about, read about, and have movies made about, you make sure no one forgets what was done to your people during that time. Despite all of that you turn around steal land to build yourselves on and become the very oppressors that oppressed you. Like seriously what in the cereal?

I’m tired of all these Anti-African sentiments spewed out of people mouths and the actions taken again Africans. If they don’t want my people in their lame ass country than stop fucking exploiting the whole continent, stop creating bullshit tensions between nations, stop trying to take all of our fucking resources, stop putting kiss asses in position of power, stop invading us, stop trying to kill us with your man-made AIDS, HIV, HPV, and all the other shit the Western country’s engineer in their labs, leave us completely the fuck alone, and stop trying to take our fucking history. After all that has been done, than I guarantee these same fucktards will be begging to be in Africa.

I know that not all people who are from Israel or in Israel feels or thinks like those far right idiots; if I have offended some of the good Israelite s that was not my intention, but seriously talk to your people.


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