Missing: Pharmacy student Tosin Oyelowo (Update)

Tosin Oyelowo

This young lady, Tosin Oyelowo, has been missing in Charleston, Nc. since December 9. She was working her residence in Charleston. There is not much info about what she was wearing or how tall she is, her weight and so on, but a picture should be enough. From December 9 to now its been four days since she has been missing. Please help to show this to people in North Carolina and every where. There has been a blogspot page created for her and it can be viewed here http://www.helpbringtosinhome.com/.

Please don’t let her become another Phylicia Barnes. I believe that tweeting and Facebooking can definitely help because just a few days ago a 17-year-old girl was found by a person on twitter who was able to identify her through her picture and story being retweeted. Please, please, please help to get the word out there.

If anyone has any information please call the police in your vicinity and in in the Charleston area please call the Charleston Police Department at (843)-577-7434. . Gosh please help to find her and please send your prayers that she may be found safe. Please help.

I just found out about her story through Lipstickalley.

So far it has been reported that Dr. Oyelowo could have jumped off a bridge, since calls were made about a female jumping off a bridge around December 9th I believe. However, there is no body so for now this is all speculation, I will wait until a body has been found and identified as her before I believe that it was her.



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