Nigerian Women Most Unfaithful? As If

Yvonne Okoro

According to some ridiculous “research” made by ridiculous people it has been “discovered” or should I say “scientifically” proven that Nigerian women are the most unfaithful women in the world. Now replace that word unfaithful with brutally honest and I would have to agree.

I find it hilarious that none of the western countries are on the poll seeing as how Western women and men have the highest divorce rate, but one is not supposed to look pass such “evidence” and realize the truth.

Think about the Western countries and how the women and men are constantly dealing with cheating. Look at almost every show in the Western countries it all deals with cheating and more; sorry but come again and come harder.

This is why I have never ever believed in the concept of how one can question a group of people randomly and suddenly get an accurate report. This is how stupid propaganda gets pushed. I bet the people conducting the “research” went to Nigeria and got turned down so badly they couldn’t handle it.

Some Africans have commented on it believing the ridiculous hype, please go bury your head in the sand, believe you me Naija women are not the type.



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