Samburu People

The Samburu people live on Eland Down in Laikipia near a mountain in Kenya. The people have lived there for over two decades; however, they have been raped, beaten, and violently taken off their land due to its sell to two U.S. based charities for preserving wildlife.

There have been discrepancies over the land seeing as how Kenya’s previous president was known for land grabbing, mostly likely illegally, and documents that would help to clear the issue are conveniently not available, destroyed.

Either way the Samburu people’s situation is not being taken seriously and their government is not doing much fast enough. It could be safe to assume that the U.S. based charities The Nature Conservancy and the African Wildife Foundation did not know of the shady business with the land, but lets not jump to conclusions.

Well the charities know now and whatever happened especially the deal of purchasing the land should not continue. The Kenyan government get the middle finger from me simply because they are allowing this to take place, police brutality of any sort is a no, no.

This is where I get angry, of all the places to station animals, why is the continent of Africa chosen? I mean there aren’t any jungles and all that fantasy bullshit there so why? Then on top of that with the large number of Africans in the continent where is all this land being given up coming from?

Just some months ago I read about some well-known Historically Black College University (HBCU), Spelman College , purchasing land in my continent with money from European backers. Suspicious? I think so.

I just don’t get it, where is all this land coming from? Do people truly believe land is just in the continent without people living there? Do they think some mighty deity has created a wasteland in the continent killing off the people just to give land to save animals? Do people still believe in the “undiscovered” Dark continent?

Maybe people know that none of these things have happened, but they simply don’t give a hoot. Some of the Samburu people have been forced to relocate with the terrible trauma they have gone through and this is not right.

Seriously Kenya is this what you guys are doing now? Keep letting the U.S. in your country, but don’t be crying when you end up like Irag and Afghanistan; just remember neither of those countries asked for U.S. interference and they still got invaded.


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