Bikini Waxes for Pre-teen Girls

Maybe society is out of whack, society is on crack, maybe people who r idiots should be locked away and not have kids, or maybe just maybe its the end of the times. I’m going to go with all four.

Why should 11 year olds get a Bikini wax?

Parents just be doing too much nowadays, I mean seriously. For what reason would an 11-year-old need a bikini wax? I mean I can see if they are maturing faster and do not want it to show through the bathing suit, which should be a one piece, but isn’t that why there are shorts available with bathing suits?

This whole sexualization of children is getting on my dang on nerves! Let kids be kids its bad enough you got them sliding down on polls, now this? I have said it before and I will say it again we have pedophiles running the world trying to make pedophilia look cool and okay. It is not okay in any way to lust after a kid, sick twisted bastards.

I find bikini waxing of young girls to be too much, why? Just because it makes them focus too heavily on their bodies plus they do not need to be touched around that area at that age, it can provoke sexual feelings and so on. This is different from a pre-teen girl going through her period or puberty those are changes that even in itself can cause issues and discomfort for young girls, but that’s biological; however, this is just a whole other ball game.

Someone is placing their hands close to an area that can awaken sexual feelings and emotions that an 11-year-old will be confused about. This could possibly lead to a body obsession for the girls and just other inappropriate things and some may find the link between a bikini wax and sexual awakening stupid, but thinks about it. A young kid is surfing the internet and is playing games, a pop up link of porn shows up and the kid is shocked than confused. That porn link that shows up, whether it’s a woman with no clothes or dressed revealing, a man with no clothes, or two people in an intimate position, it opens the doors for the young kids mind to become curious which leads to experimentation, awakening of the kids body, masturbation, and so on.

So if you get that example than you can see the link I stated above. I just can’t with people in today’s world. Seriously parents stop, you are not your kids friend, you are not in their class, and you are not graduating with them, and you are not the same age as them, at least you shouldn’t be, and you are not them. Stop trying to live through your dang on kids and stop trying to be their friend, and for the love of our Father who is in heaven shaking his head at your messiness, stop listening to society and stop letting society get into your head!

I’m done.



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