Hey Secret Service Should I Get Him or Should You?

Jules Manson a member of the KKK… I mean the Tea Party, ranted on his Facebook calling for the assassination of President Obama. He refered to the President as the n-word and called his two beautiful daughters monkeys. So I have one question: Secret Service where are you?

I mean this dude just asked for the killing of the President, is no one taking this seriously? Just a few days ago there was a man who shot at the White House trying to kill the president and his family and called himself the modern-day Jesus. I am going to say right now, Jesus does not pack guns, he has a host of angels with him that can do more damage than a gun. Didn’t the bible warn you people about false prophets and demons that lie and say they come in the Lords name?

Jules Manson is a symbol, a symbol of how “post-racial” America is a bunch of bull crap. I mean I knew all that with the way they attacked the First Lady for no reason just cause they were jealous and racist. I need Secret Service to do their job and get this man because if they don’t someone will, just guessing.

I wonder how Manson would feel if someone called for the killing of his family. Scratch that I could care less, people like him show exactly what America have been and is about.

Again this man not only wanted to kill the president, which is treason and more, he called for the killing of his children as well. The First children are innocent and have nothing to do with politics and they should not be called out their name because a pale, pink, wrinkled bastard is upset that slavery is over.

Man you people are so lucky I’m not in that office because I would strip all that mans civil rights, what is left any ways, and beat all nonsense out of him.

Then the idiot tried to say using the n-word does not make him a racist. I am making a public service announcements to white folks, especially women, and other folks who think using the n-word is “progressive”: Africans in the world are not monolithic, Africans in America are not monolithic, just because you may have a group of black friends that let you use the word without problem does not mean every African in America will do the same. Point blank understand that using the n-word period may just get you a beat down.

I can say it all day that I do not agree with everything President Obama does, but you would never ever see me advocating for his assassination or saying that I wish death on him and it’s not because of the Secret Service, but because he is a human being. The man has gotten into something that is draining him something we can see physically with his gray hair, but it’s what we don’t see that goes on behind the curtains.

As for Jules Manson, you better watch your back you know President Obama have people who love him and will get you without him even snapping a finger, just saying.

This blogger right here gives better insight than me: TransGriot.


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