Let He Without Fat…..

So a CongressAss named Jim “No-sense” Brenner was caught ranting and raving about the beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama, having a large posterior. Why you mad bro?

This issue is hilarious in the fact that why is Mr. Sensenbrenner staring at the First Lady’s behind to begin with? Here are a list of reasons:

  • He wishes he had Mrs. Obama’s behind
  • He wishes he was President Obama so he could be with Mrs.Obama
  • He wishes his wife was built like Mrs.Obama

All these possible reasons have to do with some form of infatuation with the First Lady on his part. I mean seriously google an image of the guy, he has no right to talk. Mrs. Obama is fit and healthy while this mans belly has its own gravitational pull. I could go on to say that maybe just maybe Jim is jealous of Mrs. Obama. I mean I would be too if I looked like him.

Seriously though there is an important saying called “practice what you preach” and “lack-of-common-sense” Brenner needs to follow his own advice. At the end of the day Mrs.Obama is on a health mission to get Americans in shape and Jim is surely lacking shape and form, good thing he’s not the poster boy for exercise.

Here is a tip Brenner, when you look the way you do, you have no right to talk about someone who can run 3 miles around you without breaking a sweat.

Just in case my first reason for his comment rings true, he should find a way to get the fat in his belly to fill his flat ass, I’m done.


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