WalMart on some G.I.Joe & Cobra Type ish

The huge retail store, known for its low prices and its smiley face companion, has been in the news for a number of reasons. all negative. They dealt with a law suit by its workers, a stabbing, and now the endangering of a family during this approaching holiday.

In Commerce Township, Michigan, Levi Stubbs and his family had gone into the Wal-Mart there to purchase some items and had paid for those items, in cash, with a few $100 bills. As the Stubbs left the store and got into their car they were surrounded and met with guns pointed at them by, G.I. Joe I mean, police.

A Wal-Mart employee had called the police insisting that the $100 bills used by Stubbs were counterfeit, fake.

So this family has just been terrorized by Cobra’s army, I mean police, all for nothing. Yep you read that right. The employee basically lied, the money was never counterfeit it was the real deal.

So all this action movie sequence just took place because of a dang on lie. I doubt if the Stubbs were the only family to have used $100 bills to pay for their purchases so what made them stand out like a sore thumb? Maybe it begins with “R” and ends in “Ism” you fill in the blank.

I want to know exactly how the employee that called this in, whose identity is being protected for whatever reason, figured the bills were fake. Don’t they have a marker that exposes if a bill is real or fake? I mean every gas station I have been in seems to have one, heck any place dealing with money should have that marker.

This could easily be shrugged off as a mistake, but when mistakes have the potential to cause injury or harm to people they can not be viewed that simply. What if the police chose to shoot at the man and his family? They could have done it since they drew their weapons out on the family, despite the fact that a child was present, like this is the French-Indian War or Fast and Furious.

If this situation really had hit the fan, then people would look at it differently. I hope the Stubbs sue Wal-Mart, I hope the idiot that called it in gets the snot beat out of them and mostly fired, and I hope the police are sued too. I don’t see how the police needed to come out there like the S.W.A.T team with guns drawn this isn’t the wild, wild west.

Even if the money was counterfeit, did all that really need to be done?


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