Terrorism and Oil Spill on Nigeria’s Border

On Christmas day 27-39, the numbers vary upon sources, people were killed by a bomb that went off in churches near the capital Abuja, Nigeria. A muslim sect, Boko Haram, has stated that they are behind the attack and want to impose Sharia law all across Nigeria.

First I want to say may the souls of the people who were killed rest in peace and may God be with their families as they grieve the death of their loved ones.

I won’t lie something about this situation doesn’t sit right with me, especially since America has jumped at the chance to help Nigeria find the people responsible for this situation. I don’t want the U.S. involved at all, in fact I feel as though Nigeria should deal with the situation all on their own because once the U.S. is involved they don’t leave.

Also remember a while back, the U.S. wanting to place a military in Nigeria to “help” them?

I feel as though the Nigerian government should deal with this issue with their own resources and only their resources without any “help” or interference from outsiders, especially the same outsiders that threatened to withhold aid from them for their anti-gay bill, something I’m not completely in favor of, but its their country.

Not to mention there have been plenty of Christmas bombings in Nigeria before, that never made the news or gotten such a serious and immediate response from the west, so what makes this event any special?

Then a few days before the Christmas day bombing, an oil spill courtesy of Shell happened near Nigeria’s borders and not one lick of it was mentioned on the news, not that I’m surprised or anything. This oil spill is the largest oil spill in the African nation since 1998; however, it is practically swept under the rug, very interesting.

We all know why the oil spill wasn’t talked about as much as the golf oil spill, speaking of which have they cleaned up that situation? Moving on this is just not cool. Again I see the world exactly for what it is, politics and money and all have a lot of divide and conquer techniques in it.

Shell has already said that is taking the steps necessary to deal with the spill, but the fact that they were previously investigated for their oil procedures, yet they have never been reprimanded in any way. Then on top of that the oil company does not give any not the amount it should at least, of the profit it makes to the Nigerian people and they have polluted the land for over 50 years.

Also the oil company has used the Nigerian military to kill Nigerian civilians that stood up to them in the 90s and most likely continues to this day. They continue to do worse and sadly the Nigerian government has allowed them with killing protestors that stand up to the company.

I’m just going to put it out there for people to understand: something in the water isn’t clean and it’s not just the oil.


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