The Other Side of Colorism

Colorism doesn’t just affect one end of the spectrum it affects the other end as well. I never knew that there were light-skinned people that suffered due to colorism since I mostly experienced it for not being light-skinned. However, for some light-skinned people they have been picked on, talked bad about, discriminated against, and some even had to fight a lot as an adult and in their youth all because they were light-skinned.

During one of my classes, we were discussing how media in the Western part of the world affects the rest of the world in these areas: culture, values, market, thinking process and more; the topic about colorism came up because western media is based on the ignorance of white is right.

Mostly women talked about their own run in with colorism or how much they know about it. One girl that was light-brown skin but would easily be considered light-skinned talked about how she always had to be careful about what she did, said, and acted because she didn’t want people to label her as this or that. It has to suck to have to watch what you do because you don’t want people to label you as some stuck up light-skinned person is crazy.

Then again I can see why she had that mentality because light people are labeled as being stuck up, thinking they all that, all the guys want tehm and all the girls want them, they are arrogant, cocky, thinking they are just the hottest thing since slice bread and so on.

This thought is far from true, yes there are some that act and think that way, but it is not the majority. There are light-skinned girls that when they get with a guy all he talks about is how redbone she is, a term I hate, or how he wants to have a baby with her so the kid will have “good” features and so on. These women are talked about and looked at for their skintone not how they feel inside, not as human beings, not as women, but as trophy wives and that is not fair.

The same can be said for light-skinned guys, when women flock to them for the sole purpose of their child looking a certain way, or always bring up their skintone, or praising them for it and so on. These guys are not treated as human beings or men they are like toys that are cool to be seen with any nothing more.

The reason why this doesn’t get much attention or gets shut down easily because people feel as thought since light-skinned girls and guys receive so much media representation and are put on a pedestal it isn’t as serious as some make it seem. At the end of the day its wrong for anyone to be treated good or bad based on their skintone.

For those that act arrogant or so on are taught to be that way and you can tell at times. I had a class with a guy that was light everything, light-skin, light eyes and “fine” hair. According to him he had pretty eyes and pretty hair, but whatever. He was definitely cocky and it was because of his “pretty” features. I could tell that he most likely was raised with that mindset cause it doesn’t come from nowhere.

I feel for those like him cause reality usually hit those types hard.  It’s like women and men who pride themselves on their youth and how good they look that when they get older and don’t look as good they go crazy and become plastic Barbies and Kens with all the work that they get done.

Point blank colorism affects anyone and people need to stop trying to dodge the subject because its tied very well into sexism. Oh and can ppl pleaase stop giving light-skinned black people nicknames that are dumb they are black, they are no less black than a dark-skinned person.


Missing: 17-year-old Laurita Coleman

The Chicago Police Department are asking for the public’s help in finding 17-year-old Laurita Coleman and her 1-month old daughter Da’Niya Owens. Coleman, a ward of the state, lived in a group home in the 6100 block of North Mozart Avenue in Chicago. The police has said that Coleman is known for leaving for long periods of time with her daughter.

Coleman is African-American, dark-skinned, with brown eyes and black hair, 5-foot-4 and weighs 110 pounds and was last seen wearing a red-and-black jacket and blue jeans.

Her daughter Da’Niya Owens is of medium skin tone, with brown eyes and black hair, 1-foot-5 and weigh 8 pounds.

Laurita is known for hanging around the South Side and south suburban Markham, according to the police.

If anyone has any information please contact the Chicago Police Department Area 3 Special Victims Unit at (312) 744-8266.

Please click on the number so that you can read the article/post I got the information from, also BlackandMissing also has tweeted about the story and posted about it on their facebook page.

Please help to retweet and forward and share this post with people who you know so that Laurita and her daughter may be found, thank you.

Found: Evan Montgomery Lamar Miller

I don’t always post happy stuff, but this story I’m still emotional about, but happy since I read the article. In Houston, Tx., 18-month-old Evan Montgomery Lamar Miller went missing. Evan’s mother had left the car running when she went to withdraw money from an ATM in Walmart. A stranger jumped into the car and began taking off, a 7-year-old in the car jumped out but Evan was still in the car.

Glory be to God because Evan was found safe today, in the car, about a block away from the Walmart. The car was behind a strip mall with Evan in it and the owner of a Jamaican Grill, Terron Henry, employee found the little boy and Henry wrapped the little boy in a shirt and called the police.

This is the part where my heart broke, Henry said “He said the child didn’t scream but that tears streamed silently down his dimpled cheeks.”

You can read the rest of the article here

Missing: Stacey Nicole English and Phoenix Coldon

Both of these women went missing 9 days apart from each other, one in Atlanta and the other in St. Louis. The police seem to think that despite the incident taking place 500 miles apart, there may be a connection.

Stacey Nicole English is 36-years-old, 5’3”, weighs 120 lbs, and has brown hair and brown eyes. She went missing on Christmas day. English’s brother has a twitter and have reached out via twitter: BTheException

Phoenix Coldon is 23-years old, medium complexion, 5’6”, weights 125, brown hair and brown eyes, and she wears contacts/glasses.

According to this site Coldon was last seen by her mother in the driveway of their St. Louis County home at about 3 p.m. on Dec. 18.

According to Black&Missing, Phoenix was last seen wearing grey sweatpants (UMSL or Linderwood printed vertically down one pant leg), dark hoodie (black or blue) and tennis shoes.

Both of the women’s cars were impounded. Black and Missing is covering the story thank God and the police in Atlanta are investigating and will try to reach the police in St. Louis as well.

Please check both links I provided because both offer more detailed information that I have. Please lets spread the word about these women and help to bring them home safe and sound, also please pray for them to be alive and safe.


The National Defense Authorization Act

On New Years Eve, while everyone is preparing for festivities, drinking their hearts out, and distracted, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) from Hawaii.

This act basically lets the military and government detain American citizens that they deem suspicious or terrorists. In simple terms this means those who oppose the government and everything it tries to do, speak out against it and tell the truth are labeled enemy number one and treated that way.

Under the 14th Amendment people in America, citizens or not, are given due process and habeas corpus . These two clauses are very important because it makes clear the line between people power and tyranny. Due process allows a person detained to be judged by a jury of their peers, allow them to be present for their court hearing and more. Habeas corpus is the most important because it allows a detained person to know why they are being detained and allow them to fight, repeal, their detention.

However, in the case of a serious event habeas corpus can be suspended. See why its important to know the Constitution?

Under the NDAA and Patriot Act the writ of habeas corpus has been suspended and many of the basic bill of rights have been void under the “war on terror”.

I will be honest right now, the war on terror reminds me of the war on drugs. How you ask? Well they start out “sounding good,” but in reality it is used as a way to disadvantage certain people and the very people that started the war are the ones that create “solutions,” but years later after many have been: detained, killed, locked up, hurt, and communities destroyed, suddenly these very same problem solvers admit that the war was a bust.

The “war on terror” was never about terrorism, but power and control. Now some people will become upset and may at this point stop reading, but the majority will say what about 9-11 what about the 3000 American lives lost that day. My heart goes out to the family of those who lost loved ones on that day, but 3000 lives is nothing compared to the million of lives taken because of the “war on terror.”

So because 3000 Americans were killed it justifies the killing of over 5 million Iraqi’s, Afghanistani’s, Libyan’s, and more? No I know it will be hard for some to hear it, but Americans lives are not greater than the lives of people in other countries. Americans lives are not going to make it to heaven quicker than the lives of an Iraqi, Libyan, Mexican, and more. The life of an American is in no way more human than the life of a non-American and this is what people fail to realize.

American’s are arrogant, they are taught to believe they are above non-Americans, ethnicity doesn’t matter. American’s are told to be prideful and boastful and to wave their red, white, and blue everywhere, to look down on those that do not speak like them, think like them, dress like them, or look like them. They are taught to be closed minded and fearful of “foreigners. But most importantly, Americans are told to trust their government and to believe that their country is superior to all others; because their country is superior so are they.

This learned attitude is the very reason why 9-11 had so many Americans, mostly white but still, shaken, this is why many Americans blindly follow their government and turn a blind eye to the evil their government does, this is why so many Americans are stupid to the history of how “America” came to be and this is why the American educational system is as poor as it is.

This very attitude is why 95% of Congress people are reelected despite doing the same shitty job they have been doing, this very attitude is why Congress can pimp out the American people without problem, this very attitude is why Americans were killing themselves during the recession, and this very attitude is why the very people who caused the recession are still in power.

This very attitude is why the American people, mostly white this time, were so surprised to see police brutality done to them to protect the 1% and this very attitude is why the NDAA was passed so easily without problem. The American dream filled with materialism also plays a part into everything I have said, but humans give power to what they view or are taught as necessary.

Unless I say something can have a hold over me it can’t, but the American people have freely given over their wallets, their families, their lives, their freedoms, and sadly their minds over to their country and they are reaping what they have sown. No country is perfect, so why do we lie to ourselves and try to make one the poster child of perfection? 

Thanks to the NDAA people in the military can now sleep with animals. Like what the heck? Why would any human want to lay down with an animal? The excuse for this is that since they have allowed sodomy they must allow beastiality. {PAUSE}

Since when are people of the same-sex sleeping together on the same level as beastiality? Tell me in what world does that make sense? All this shows me is that the people in Congress and behind the scenes are sick twisted bastards that want the world to be on board with what is morally and ethically wrong.

Sleeping with an animal is disgusting, I mean really? This is another reason why I cannot and will not ever give a guy in the military or navy or any form of it a second glance, the nonsense they do in those places, smh.

God already said that one of the signs of the world turning is when what is good will be deemed bad and what is bad will be deemed good. People need to have critical thinking, question any and everything never believe something because you were told it through the news or any other bs outlet, the day of objective journalism has diminished especially once reporters started covering the war in 2003.

Some people may call you paranoid, but don’t be offended just tell them: its hard to rob the house of a woman who has always prepared for such a day.