Missing: 17-year-old Laurita Coleman

The Chicago Police Department are asking for the public’s help in finding 17-year-old Laurita Coleman and her 1-month old daughter Da’Niya Owens. Coleman, a ward of the state, lived in a group home in the 6100 block of North Mozart Avenue in Chicago. The police has said that Coleman is known for leaving for long periods of time with her daughter.

Coleman is African-American, dark-skinned, with brown eyes and black hair, 5-foot-4 and weighs 110 pounds and was last seen wearing a red-and-black jacket and blue jeans.

Her daughter Da’Niya Owens is of medium skin tone, with brown eyes and black hair, 1-foot-5 and weigh 8 pounds.

Laurita is known for hanging around the South Side and south suburban Markham, according to the police.

If anyone has any information please contact the Chicago Police Department Area 3 Special Victims Unit at (312) 744-8266.

Please click on the number so that you can read the article/post I got the information from, also BlackandMissing also has tweeted about the story and posted about it on their facebook page.

Please help to retweet and forward and share this post with people who you know so that Laurita and her daughter may be found, thank you.


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