Hoodie= Death

A young boy named Trayvon Martin was shot by a man at night because he looked “suspicious”. In what world does wearing a hoodie equal being worthy of death? Oh yeah I forgot this is America. The man who shot Trayvon is George Zimmerman; he took the neighborhood watch too seriously. The man is now saying that he fears for life, good you should fear for your life the same way Trayvon did when you shot him! People are all excited because the President spoke up about this one, but my focus is what will be the outcome of this. I wear hoodies just like the rest of the people in this country, yet never has a white kid that I know have been shot for wearing one. They just never look “suspicious” in that garment yet the Blacks and Latinos are always the first to be patted down or shot. I am tired I really am, between Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Troy Davis, Ramarley Graham, and more I find myself stuck in a rut. How many more, people regardless of race, will be killed and the murderer will be painted as some human being when they acted like a beast?

Geraldo Rivera had the audacity to publicly say that if it wasn’t for Martin’s hoodie, he would still be alive. What in the world of common sense? Last time I check a hoodie cannot kill you, but a person that shoots you definitely can. Zimmerman took it upon himself to follow this young boy and shoot him, not because he was “suspicious” and not because he had on a hoodie, but because he was black. He had no right to shoot him for any reason especially when the boy was busy minding his own business not worried about Zimmerman. I find it funny people are quick to place blame on the hoodie as though the hoodie pulled an Aladdin and killed Martin itself. Just so we are all clear hoodies do not have hands to kill. A commentator on the article stated that no one ever called for the removal of hoodies when the KKK wore them and that is fact. Most of us have seen the KKK older uniform, now they wear suits and work in government, and the hoodies that they wore is not only similar to what the pope wears, but also out there and these people committed crimes and were and still are animals; yet, how many times did people jump down the throat of hoodies? 

ESPN did not want any of its employees to put photos of them wearing hoodies, and why is that? Scared about something ESPN? Or do you not care? Then again this is the same ESPN that called Jeremy Lin a racial slur and pretended to be dumbo the elephant when they got backlash for it. I am not surprised that this happened to Martin nor am I surprised at the bits of humanity some journalist and people are trying to paint Zimmerman as having, but that does not mean I will ignore what happened. No one should be concerned about being shot because someone thinks that a simple form of clothing they are wearing makes them a criminal, that’s ignorant.

Also Rivera shut the hell up, news flash when Fox is talking down to Hispanics, they are talking about you as well no matter how well you polish yourself up, they don’t care for you; just wait until you slip up and see how quickly they give you the boot. ESPN you can shut the hell up and I hope that your network burns to the last airwave, and Zimmerman have fun in prison just don’t drop the soap, I’m done.

 My heart goes out to the Martin’s family and rest in peace Trayvon, I’m sorry you had to leave the world like this my brother.