Transparency in an appearance-centered world

My next post will be about whether or not it is possible to be transparent in a world that is obsessed with appearances.  For now I wanna know if you think it is possible. What say you?


R.I.P Whitney Houston

I thought I had posted this the day of Whietney’s passing, but it ended up in the draft for whatever reason.

Throughout the years people have always made jokes about Whitney and Bobby’s situation and relationship, but no one ever questioned that Ms. Houston was an icon, one of the best performers, singers, and movers of any generation. Ms. Houston touched many with music, a lot of artist that sing will always mention her as one of their inspirations. Her voice wasn’t just beautiful but strong and heartfelt, everytime she sung it was like you got a glimpse of her. I still can’t believe that she has passed away at the age of 48, so young.

I’m glad that I got to at least hear her music, see her performances, my favorite is when she performed with mariah carey during Prince of Egypt. My condolescenses to Bobby Brown, her family, and her daughter, who has been rushed to the hospital according to TMZ.

R.I.P Whitney you will forever remain, alive through your music and in our hearts, our greatest love of all.

Since when is Rape okay?

Rape– forcing ones self on an unwilling person– is not okay! I do not understand why this message is so hard for people especially those of the male species to understand! In South Africa a 17-year-old girl was kidnapped and gang raped and her rapists recorded the video and it has now gone viral. Number one, my heart goes out to the young girl and her family and two, I am upset that the police did not file a missing persons immediatley when her mother reported her missing.

The fact that in the province of Gauteng, South Africa rape is common is a problem. According to the article, one in five rapes are a gang rape. Raping a person is not okay! I do not care if the rapist is a man or woman and the victim is a man or woman, I don’t care if it’s a heterosexual rape or a homosexual rape, I don’t care what is used to commit the act; rape is wrong!

This is not just a South African issue and the stats are not exclusive to South Africa it is universal that rape happens and in America over 600 women are raped every day and thats a stat from 2006 and only God knows the number for men since America is just opening its eyes to that.

A similar incident occurred in Nigeria at ABSU a female student was gang raped and the rapists recorded it and the video became viral. The police in that area tried to wash their hands of it as though it was not job to look into the situation. This is why I love mama Nigeria the community did not care for a court and trial because they did not want the girl to have to go through that long process, but they asked for the names of those monsters, so that they would deal with them “civilian” style. That means they were going to make those monsters regret not only their actions but the day they entered the earth.

I want those monsters to be dealt with in the community sense, that means to get their behinds handed to them. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how a person thinks they have a right to force themselves on someone. My heart goes out to the young girl who went through that. The government better do something and the police and the community. Honestly stuff like this is why humans are always on shaky ground that duality issue is real, humans when good can be good, but when demonic they can be worst then the devil himself, smh!

R.I.P Rekia Boyd

Rekia Boyd was a 22-year-old unarmed woman who was shot by a police officer for no reason. The police say they are looking into it and the officer that shot her has not been arrested or suspended. With all the killing of people of color and the twist the media tries to play when it comes to painting the victims as the aggressors I wonder one thing: Can a person of color ever be a victim?

  • Sadly the answer seems to be no. The painting of people of color as walking trouble magnets has been going on since before slavery. When the Europeans first invaded the African continent they did it because Africans were savages and could not govern themselves, The White Man’s Burden, so they were asking for the colonialization and raping of their history, culture, warriors, writings, faith, family structure, kingdoms and more.
  • During slavery black men were painted as over-sexed non-humans that secretly lusted after white women, so they had to be lynched in order to protect the purity of the white woman.
  • When Black women were raped, Recy Taylor, no sympathy was given to them, why would it? They are jezebels who asked to be raped, asked to be violated, and asked to have their womanhood trampled over.

The list goes on and on and unfortunately this mindset continues when it comes to people of color, they ask for any wrong doing that happens to them. Wearing that hoodie Trayvon Martin asked to be shot, by running in his house after the police chased him for no reason, Ramarly Graham asked to be shot, Rekia Boyd just by minding her business asked to be killed.

Is every situation surrounding white cops and black citizen’s racism? No, but white cops are not known for their equal treatment of white people and people of color and it’s a fact. I always find it funny how in a white neighborhood the cops are white always and in a Black and Hispanic neighborhood the officers are always white. Suspicious, why wouldn’t they have a whole bunch of black and Hispanic cops in white neighborhoods? Oh right the white residents wouldn’t trust them, so what make them think the same is not true in the reverse?

I don’t trust white cops in certain areas, why? Because they are some of the most confrontational idiots known to man, they see a group of kids of color and immediately are on guard, their fingers are on their gun, they are already calling for backup, and itching to pull the trigger. They don’t see kids, they don’t human beings, and they see gun targets.

If a person grows up in a society that promotes their individuality and superiority, yet create an image of others as inferior and troublemakers, why would that person when surrounded by these “inferiors” treat them like human? Police officers, many not all, are racist in their own homes and mindset and I don’t care how much they hide behind the blue badge and the blue wall, they are humans beings that are not above the law or racism.

Karma is real it’s very real and make no mistake what a person sows they will reap. My grandma would always talk about the importance of doing well to people not so that you will benefit, but so that your children and your children’s children will benefit. All these trigger happy cops that kill innocents and use the excuse of “I feared for my life or safety” need to understand sooner or later someone will be fearing for “their safety and life” from their kids or their kids, kids and bang.

Just food for thought.

May the soul of Rekia Boyd and the many others like her rest in peace and may God watch over their families.