Since when is Rape okay?

Rape– forcing ones self on an unwilling person– is not okay! I do not understand why this message is so hard for people especially those of the male species to understand! In South Africa a 17-year-old girl was kidnapped and gang raped and her rapists recorded the video and it has now gone viral. Number one, my heart goes out to the young girl and her family and two, I am upset that the police did not file a missing persons immediatley when her mother reported her missing.

The fact that in the province of Gauteng, South Africa rape is common is a problem. According to the article, one in five rapes are a gang rape. Raping a person is not okay! I do not care if the rapist is a man or woman and the victim is a man or woman, I don’t care if it’s a heterosexual rape or a homosexual rape, I don’t care what is used to commit the act; rape is wrong!

This is not just a South African issue and the stats are not exclusive to South Africa it is universal that rape happens and in America over 600 women are raped every day and thats a stat from 2006 and only God knows the number for men since America is just opening its eyes to that.

A similar incident occurred in Nigeria at ABSU a female student was gang raped and the rapists recorded it and the video became viral. The police in that area tried to wash their hands of it as though it was not job to look into the situation. This is why I love mama Nigeria the community did not care for a court and trial because they did not want the girl to have to go through that long process, but they asked for the names of those monsters, so that they would deal with them “civilian” style. That means they were going to make those monsters regret not only their actions but the day they entered the earth.

I want those monsters to be dealt with in the community sense, that means to get their behinds handed to them. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how a person thinks they have a right to force themselves on someone. My heart goes out to the young girl who went through that. The government better do something and the police and the community. Honestly stuff like this is why humans are always on shaky ground that duality issue is real, humans when good can be good, but when demonic they can be worst then the devil himself, smh!


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