The Science of Struggle

African Blood Siblings

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“If our people listened there would be no struggle.” — Onitaset Kumat

I have personally collected over 200 email addresses to subscribe readers to this site.  Most heard me insist on their subscription, but few listened, and even fewer listened to when I insisted that the articles be shared.  Though I write ‘share’ articles, and many readers read this, few listen.  So I personally share each article I write–with the working emails I collected who did not sign up–and still some don’t so much as open the articles.

Therefore, my will of creating Prosperous, Independent African Communities, rescuing the downtrodden of our continent and uniting our homeland is a struggle.  Not because Europeans and Asians oppose me, but because Africans do not listen to me–despite not only my sacrifices but my personal appeals.

It’s evident, however, in talking to hundreds of our people, many…

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