Two Missing Girls: Deony Cherie Goodwin & Sharron Cherie Bess *Update*

Two young girls are missing from Long Beach, Calif after their mother left them with a woman she did not know. The two girls are 9-years-old Deony Cherie Goodwin and 13-years-old Sharron Cherie Bess, they have been missing since Friday or alittle before Friday from a motel in the800 block of East Pacific Coast Highway. Deony was last seen wearing blue and green pajamas and Sharron wast last seen wearing black gym shorts and an unknown color top.

The woman that kidnapped them is described as a 20 to 30 years old, Black, 5’11” tall, about 190 pounds and was last seen wearing a black Spandex top and pants. The kidnappers accomplice, who is male, is described as approximately 30-years-old, Black, 5’7″ tall and approximately 140 pounds.

If anyone has any information please, please call 9-1-1 and if you have any tips you can anonymously send them via text or web by visiting CrimeReports + TipSoft.

I really want to ask for prayers that these girls are found alive and safe. In this world no one and I do mean no one, especially a stranger, can be trusted when it comes to children. I do not understand why the mother allowed a woman she does not know from Adam or Eve to watch her two children. In the comments of the site where I found this story it is said that women are used to lure kids and mothers because a woman is viewed as harmless. Please parents open your eyes, there are women out here that are allowing their children to be abused or abusing their children themselves, just as you are on the look out for men also be on the look out for women as well.

It’s hard to leave a child with family and friends, heck even parents because anyone can be anything, so please be seriously vigilant. Also please forward this to as many people as you know and help to get the word out, thank you.

They were found safe! God is good and great! Link.


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