Just What If

I found myself thinking about the likes of A. Philip Randolph, Martin Luther King Jr., Assata Shakur, Malcolm X, Fela Kuti, Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, Ida B. Wells and the others like them that fought for the equality of Africans and African-Americans everywhere. One thing that stands out to me is that these people never fought simply for their people or their culture or their country, but for Africans and non-Africans far and wide. During the Civil Rights movement a lot of groups benefitted from the movement many who were not Black, i.e. Asians, Latinos, whites, and so on.

I wonder what would it had been like if Blacks only fought for their rights and left everyone else to struggle and find their way, let everyone else have to march and be water hosed, beaten and stripped naked, have drinks poured on them and be shot down, and having their shops burned down and their houses all in the name of fighting for equality. I usually don’t understand how some people of certain cultures and ethnicities fix their mouth to look down on Africans in America and around the world when they benefitted from their struggle greatly. A. Phillip Randolph could have easily said to hell with the others just give employment and freedom to Blacks only and keep it at that. Martin Luther King Jr. could have easily said to heck with freedom for other races just give equality to black people.

The point of this post is that many people especially non-black people have ridden the coat tails of black struggle to achieve whatever status they have and many have benefitted from blacks being viewed as low on the totem pole. Now were there people of different ethnicities that also fought for rights along with Blacks very much so, but they were not the majority and many felt that as long as it wasn’t them or their family then the fight need not apply to them.

In Night by Elie Wiesel he mentioned how before the Germans came for Jews they came for other people and no one spoke up because at least it wasn’t them, but by the time they came for the Jews there was no one to speak up for them. Thing rings true now, this mentality of if it doesn’t concern me or my kind is dangerous because no one comes out right and say I want to do harm to you, okay some do but those are the ones that are either really bold or really stupid, you choose, they slowly but surely do things to those around you because a decrease in numbers mean a decrease in power.

Think of wars that American history books and Europeans history books, which basically are one of the same and talk about the same nonsense, they lost more wars than they won and a lot of the documents that say they killed a lot more of their opponents were again a lie. Africans were not colonized by Asians, Europeans, and Arabs easily, those invaders had to work hard to defeat them, yet that is never mentioned the way it should be.

All I’m saying is a lot of cultures that look down on blacks for idiotic reasons need to ask themselves one thing: White media and propaganda has made it so that the world is viewed as black or white, where do you think you fall?


Important information:Graduate Students and Loans

The government does not want you to better yourselves and if you even think about doing so they will throw a curve ball to get you where they want you. If you are in graduate school on loans no more six month grace period for you. A six month grace period, is when after a student graduates the government will cover the interest rate on their loans for six months. This grace period serves as a stress reliever since it helps give graduates time to find a job to begin paying back their loans. This is no longer the case Graduates now must pay back their loans while in school and when they get out, immediately.

The article which originates from the Chicago Tribune states “This change applies to new loans issued through July 2014 and students who take out these loans loans over the next year will receives the lower interest rate BUT they will be charged the moment they graduate. For those that will apply for Federal loans next year will be hit with a higher interest rate that beginds after they have graduated.”

The government did this since they noticed that more people are applying for graduate school.

So you know this country is messed up when on top of all the crap that the economy is going through they are making you choose between bettering yourselves and saving yourself money. I should have known something was up when talks about college tuition and debt came up, why? Lets be real this crapitalistic system has been set up like this for years and I do mean years, its these same measures that was used to keep blacks from attending school, period and white women.

I find it interesting that the moment the government gets involved is the moment the numbers of whatever they put their hands on increase. I’m sorry America but you have to do better then that because there are countries whose cost of graduate school is cheaper than yours.

So as news to future graduate students and graduate students of today please please please be wise with your money. I know graduate school is not cheap and I know that its super hard especially with thebarren nature of the economy, but it is imperative that you get a job now, if possible or work for a non-profit organization or get a side hustle going on such as: doing salon work, barbershop, and things of the like. These people are trying to halt your progress by putting you in debt for years to come.

Capitalism is all about debt because when someone owes you debt you can very easily have them work for years upon years to pay it off, but if they pay you what they owe in one large sum, then you no longer have a back up plan of money coming in. Why do you think interest rates are charged on principals because its all about profit and you can make the most profit off someone in debt.

Carnell Chamberlain is a four-year-old Native American boy that is missing from a mid-Michigan reservation since Thursday. Carnell’s mother’s boyfriend was watching the boy, but has not been very cooperative with the police. Right now there are residents as well as the FBI looking for Chamberlain and thankfully the mother’s boyfriend is a person of interest.

I found out about his story through Black and Missings twitter page and have come across various sources reporting the story. Please please please forward this and spread the word. I do not know why the boyfriend would not even try to cooperate let alone try to help find this young boy. I think the police should lock up the boyfriend already because nothing in this story makes sense. I pray that the little boy is found alive and safe. Please forward and spread the news on this story.

Also please check out this site called Missing Persons of America.

I have been wanting to post positive stories because I feel like this blog is more on the sad side of things, so I’m glad to be talking about a history maker, Audra McDonald. This woman right here is just amazing in all her right and it is astounding. McDonald won five Tony awards in the category of Best Leading Actress for her amazing acting skills and powerful portrayl of Bess in “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess.” Maybe I am not stressing the importance of this like I should: She is the first black woman to win five Tony Awards; the last black person to win a Tony in the same category was in 2006! Notice the 6 year difference?

I am so happy for her and I am so glad that I have found out about her. I don’t understand why she is not a house-hold name or why she isn’t on the cover of a lot of huge magazines, but then again they always drop the ball when it comes to talent. I find McDonald inspiring and her achievement just out of this world. She is breaking barriers and doing it while looking fly as heck. I’m glad that God has blessed this woman with amazing talent and that she was rewarded for that talent by being recognized for it and making history at the same time.

To Audra McDonald a huge congratulations, I wish you many more years of success, blessings, and life. Keep inspiring young women everywhere! Also the Tony’s is way better than the Oscars, yes I said it!


R.I.P Darius Simmons


Open Season on Black lives across this nation not only continues, but seems to be getting worse and worse by the numbers. Some of those murders were done by the hands of those who are supposed to “serve and protect”. Some are killed by others who look like them at high rates. And then, there are those who are murdered by those of much lighter complexions. It seems that living in this country for a Black person carries a possible death sentence, and the executor can be someone next door or someone carrying a badge.

The latest casualty is 13 year-old Darius Simmons, an unarmed black male who was gunned down by his 75 year-old neighbor John Henry Spooner, a White male in front of his mother. Black Youth Project has more on this tragedy:

“Darius Simmons was by all accounts a good kid. The fun loving 6th grader was…

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Free Cece!


Cece McDonald is a 24 year-old transgender woman who made headlines recently when she stabbed a white male who was part of a group who was harassing her.

McDonald’s case has several implications of racism and transphobia. She was a victim of an attack by a group with violent tendencies against her as one member of the group smashed a glass on her face. McDonald felt that her life was in danger, and tried to protect herself which evidently meant that she had to use whatever force necessary to keep herself safe and unarmed. In this case McDonald used a knife to stab one attacker, 47-year old Dean Schmitz who died from his injuries.

It is reported that Schmitz allegedly had a tattoo of a swastika on his chest and that he had a history of domestic violence. However, his record was not allowed in the trial, but McDonald’s…

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