Missing: Carnell Chamberlain

Carnell Chamberlain is a four-year-old Native American boy that is missing from a mid-Michigan reservation since Thursday. Carnell’s mother’s boyfriend was watching the boy, but has not been very cooperative with the police. Right now there are residents as well as the FBI looking for Chamberlain and thankfully the mother’s boyfriend is a person of interest.

I found out about his story through Black and Missings twitter page and have come across various sources reporting the story. Please please please forward this and spread the word. I do not know why the boyfriend would not even try to cooperate let alone try to help find this young boy. I think the police should lock up the boyfriend already because nothing in this story makes sense. I pray that the little boy is found alive and safe. Please forward and spread the news on this story.

Also please check out this site called Missing Persons of America.


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