Congrats Gabby Douglas!

This 16-year-old has made history twice in one Olympic; how many people can say that? She is the first African-American woman to win gold in an all-around gymnastics final; last to do so was Dominique Dawes, who won a bronze individually and was a part of the 1996 gold medal winning team. Then she is a part of a group of gymnastics that is a gold medal winning team. This beautiful woman has made history and I am so happy. Before the Olympics there was buzz surrounding her and thanks to the BlackGirlsClub blog I found out about Douglas representing for America. She was the main attraction for me and all I cared about was seeing her do her thing, luckily I did get to see her and I was amazed at her. She exuded so much confidence and her power with the balance beam and floor exercise left me stunned. The buzz surrounding her was on point.

It’s amazing because she is 16-years-old, she is still a kid, but she has a power that is bigger than her age. I want to say congrats to her because she is not just an Olympian but she is a gold medal Olympian history-maker and not many can say that. I wish her the best and I know her and her mother are smiling because all the sacrifices they made were more than worth it.

I’m just so happy for her and I bet she doesn’t even know how many little kids and adults she has inspired with her abilities. Just her presence alone sends out a strong message, no matter ones age you can achieve anything. I wish you many more blessings and successes Gabby and the Douglas family.

You can read the interview with her mom here.

Shape Magazine

Gabby Douglas
Taken from Shape Magazine


Acceptance: The Magic Desire

Does everyone want to belong? Yes. Does everyone want to be in the “in” crowd? Yes. Does everyone want to be beautiful? Yes. Does anyone want to be tolerated? No.

As humans we want a lot of things and are told what to want, but everyone is or has gone through a phase of wanting to be accepted whether it’s by guys, girls, family, friends, anyone or anything. I have gone through that phase and every now and then I find myself going through it again.

No one is perfect no matter how one acts, appears, or seems no one is perfect and that is what needs to be drilled into the heads of people who seem to think that perfection exists.

I have two attitudes: sometimes I care and sometimes I genuinely don’t give a dang, but there are times where I shield myself to protect myself.

You must accept yourself flaws and all. As humans we tend to focus on our flaws and maximize them, but either way they are there for a reason. Like me I have hairy arms and there are times I don’t like them, but for one reason I refuse to shave them and it has nothing to do with pain it’s just something in me that refuses to do it.

Now have I seen arms worse them mine, yep but for me it’s my own flaw that I maximize but on most days I barely even realize it lol. But I have many moments when I like them more than when I don’t because it’s a part of me and it’s great to cover me from the winter lol. Weirdly no one ever says anything about them when I wear short sleeve shirts.

It’s easier said than done yes, but accepting yourself is important because the hurdles people jump through to be accepted could be avoided if they accepted themselves. You can’t want someone to find you amazing when you don’t find yourself amazing.

When you accept yourself you begin to build confidence, not in the way that you become big-headed or have to pick apart the next person to make yourself feel better, but a confidence that flows from the inside out.

Accept yourself no matter what others say, whether it be family, friends, idiots and more, cause at the end of the day they are not you and they couldn’t be if they tried.

Spiritual Relationships

I believe that no matter ones spiritual belief there is an importance of having spiritual relationships. I wanted to use the word personal instead of spiritual but I thought about the difference between the two and how they are applied when it comes to society. In every form of entertainment personal relationships are explored, romance, bromance, best friends, lovers, family, friends, pets, clothes and so on. One can even have a personal relationship with inanimate objects and one can express their personal relationship with their words but more popularly their body, which makes sense since we mostly communicate with our bodies more than our words.

However personal relationships can be with many things at once or vice versa and in more ways than one can be impersonal. As humans we, collective we, place a lot of stock, time, energy, money, emotions, mental health, self-esteem, happiness, and so on into relationships, especially in romantic situations. Yet, when it comes to our spiritual relationships we are empty. Spiritual relationships are a lot more intimate and deeper than personal relationships, in my mind.

Have you ever met someone and instantly knew you and them would not get along? Or that you and them would instantly become good friends? I have had both scenarios and it was my spirit that saw them before my brain could even comprehend. I believe in the saying that like attracts like. Usually when I feel something off about someone I heed it because my spirit has never been wrong.

In a book series that I read and find amazing called Staying Pure by Stephanie Perry Moore spiritual relationships were touched on; the book mostly talks about Payton Skyy, a teenager torn between following God and following the world. The book touches on how deeply two people can bond when they put God, or whatever name is used for God, first and at the front of the relationship.

You can’t have a spiritual relationship with just anyone or anything, the spirit has a way of seeing the good or bad in a person, place, or thing before our emotions cloud us and before we exhaust ourselves. I’ll try to give us a challenge; try to cultivate spiritual relationships with like-spirited and like-minded people.

Deny, Denial, and Deny

I haven’t mentioned the Colorado movie theater shooting because at first I didn’t follow it. Now that I have continuously seen footage of it and the news sensationalizing it I want to say a few words.

America you cannot glamorize violence in all forms of entertainment and then become surprised when it backfires. Those who play with fire always get burned; you are not Moses talking to a burning bush.

I truly feel for the shooters lawyer that has to defend him and before any outrage is given understand that as a lawyer you must represent your client. From my understanding and as I was told a lawyer cannot deny representation to a client they are assigned to, unless you work for yourself or something, even if that client is obviously guilty, even if you know that client is guilty and even if the client tells you they are guilty, you have no choice. So as the lawyer begins making weak defenses understand that there is not much she can do.

My heart and prayers go to the victims and their family. I do not like when people are hurt and made to suffer, especially kids. This situation ended up hurting a lot of people and it’s not right. The act was senseless and cut too many lives short while making the lives of those that survived increasingly difficult. I pray that these families receive healing as well as those who are recovering.

When it comes to the gunmen all I have to say is I don’t want to hear any crap about mental illness, you know that excuse that is used when white people commit horrible crimes. I’m not turning this into a race issue but white people need to be study in detailed. While all these idiot “studies” were made about black women about our hair, weight, marital status, and so on white guys are committing crimes and are treated as “individual cases”. Well I’m sorry to say but guess what you guys are not individuals when it comes to crimes. So studies need to be done on whites as a whole on what drives them to commit the crimes that they commit.

The gunman wasn’t dumb or slow he knew exactly what he was doing. Last time I check you do not major in whatever science field he majored in while being dumb, it just doesn’t work out that way.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, I do not know why this concept is hard to grasp and understand. This is just like the idiot Geraldo saying that Trayvon Martin’s hoodie kills him, what in the Aladdin? The fact that the gunman was even sold such a deadly gun is scary. If an African-American male had tried to buy that gun the FBI, CIA, local police and NASA would have been on him quick and the same would have been done had it been a Hispanic male.

It’s proven that white males are often able to purchase firearms without any sort of background check or raise of an eyebrow, why the hell is that? I’m sorry but if I worked at a gun shop and some guy of any race tried to purchase such a gun I would have immediately alerted police. It should not have taken this tragedy to suddenly have common sense be used i.e. background checking every person of every race that purchase guns.

There are too many cases of white males going on shooting rampages, it’s even a joke that if a white person, mostly male, loses their job do not come in the next day because they will be back with a gun. Well behind every joke are a little truth and unfortunately too many white people are ignore this truth.

Since the word terrorist is used to describe every Black, Hispanic, Arab, Asian and any other person let’s call him what he is: a terrorist. This situation pissed me off because there was such fail in everything leading up to it that I truly wonder how a ball could be dropped so easily.

White people you are not the inherently good people you believe you are, you have your good and your devil and your history shows it all, you all are not great and you all are not angels. You have your good and your bad just like everyone else so stop with this madness of giving benefit of doubt to your brethren and sisteren when they commit dangerous activities.

For the heroes, especially Black heroes that were erased from the news or not talked about I thank you for again sustaining my faith that human beings that have heart still exist. I thank you for showing that human life matters and that whether we know one another or not we can and will help one another when the time arrives. I simply thank you for being brave and helping to save the lives of people that you do not know.

The punk that left his girlfriend and their children in the movie theater while he ran for freedom to his car and drove off go slap yourself. I’m done.




God’s Angel: Ruby Dunson

Ruby Dunson and her daughter

 Ruby Dunson is a savior of lost and neglected souls.
The 80-year-old Detroiter has been raising abandoned children for 42 years — a job she first embraced while living at the old Herman Gardens Project. The widowed mother of two came home from work, and a neighbor asked her to watch her newborn.
“She said, ‘Will you keep her for me? I want to go to a concert.’ And she never came back,” said Dunson, who ended up raising the girl.
She was the first of several children that Dunson took in.
She raised 10 successful children in her 895-square-foot brick home on Detroit’s west side, eight of whom were not her own but were either abandoned at birth or abused as kids.
They grew up to be a nurse, a paralegal, a sheriff’s deputy, a doctor in reading education, a Chrysler plant worker, an aspiring medical school student, a U-Haul driver, a human services employee, and two stay-at-home moms.
Among them is Theresa Dunson, 28, who was abandoned at birth at the hospital, weighing just 2 pounds. Ruby Dunson learned about the infant from social services and slept at the hospital for a month before bringing her home and eventually adopting her.”Personally, she’s my hero,” Theresa Dunson said. “She saved me from — I don’t know — a life of the unknown.”
Ruby Dunson, a widow for nearly 50 years, has lived on Pierson Street all this time, never drawing attention to her quiet but heroic deeds.
She recently came to the attention of the Free Press because Dunson lives in the childhood home of U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade — who was featured in a recent article about her Detroit roots.
“This little house sure produced some good people,” Dunson said humbly upon learning that McQuade grew up in her house.
Dunson recently met McQuade and cried when she embraced the prosecutor on her walkway.
“She is an inspiration,” McQuade said. “She is a quiet hero who saved children and guided them to become highly productive citizens.”
Dunson said she had no choice but to raise all those kids.
“I believe God was testing me,” she said. “He put those kids at my door and said, ‘What are you gonna do?’

I thank God for people like her, this story helps me to remember that God does have angels in human skin that he use to bless others. Ruby Dunson you are an angel amongst mortals and I pray that you and your family continue to be blessed by the most high.

The beautiful Dunson Family

Link for article:Quiet Hero

Missing: Elizabeth Collins & Lyric Cook

Click the image to open in full size. (left) Elizabeth Collins & (right) Lyric Cook
EVANSDALE (KWWL) –             Authorities plan to expand the search area and continue dragging Meyers Lake in the hunt for two missing girls.
More volunteers are also set to go door-to-door asking anyone if they’ve seen the girls.
Anyone who was on the bike trail Friday afternoon  and may have seen something, is strongly encouraged to contact the  Evansdale Police Department. That number is 319-232-6682.
Hundreds of volunteers searched areas in and  around Evansdale for two cousins missing since Friday afternoon.    8-year-old Elizabeth Collins and 10-year-old Lyric Cook disappeared  while riding their bikes.  They were last seen around 12:30 p.m. Friday.
“We can’t express our gratitude for how many  people have shown up, people that don’t even know us. Even under the  worst circumstances. I just know they will be brought home safe and  sound. And I know it will be soon,” said Elizabeth’s mother, Heather  Collins.
Lyric’s mother, Misty Morrissey, says she believes  the girls may have been taken or left with someone Friday.  She says  it’s out of character for the girls to wander away or to try and swim in  the lake. “They’re very outdoorsy, They play together every day,” Morrissey said.
But investigators are still calling this a missing persons case.  “It is still a search and we have no indications  of anything other than we have two missing girls. We have nothing that  would indicate foul play, nothing to lead us in that direction at all,”  said Black Hawk County Sheriff Deputy Richard Abben.
As of Saturday night, no Amber Alert could be  issued for the girls because there is no evidence to suggest they were  abducted and there are no suspects. The girls have been listed on the  national missing persons registry.
Police held two news conferences Saturday but had  no new details to release. They plan to hold another news conference at 9  a.m. Sunday.
Emergency crews have been searching since 3 p.m.  Friday.  Saturday, more than 400 people showed up to help in the ground  search.  While firefighters and DNR officers searched Meyers Lake,  volunteers walked up and down the river, on trails, and through  Evansdale neighborhoods.
When they’re not searching, Collins and Cook’s family members are gathering near the boat ramp at Meyers Lake.
Authorities found the girls’ bikes off a trail on  the southeast corner of the lake. One of the girl’s purses was found not  too far away. Their grandmother was the last one to see them.
“They’ve gotta be okay,” Wilma Cook said. “We’re  praying that nothing happened to them.  That maybe they’re lost in the  weeds or went too far and can’t find their way back.”
Crews continued dragging the lake Saturday.   Friday evening, they walked through an island in the lake, and did at  least two searches by air – including one using infrared sensors.
“It’s very difficult, but we’re trusting in the  Lord and just trying to be patient.”  Morrissey said. “Let everybody do  their job and we’re just doing a lot of praying.”
Collins is a student at Poyner Elementary. Cook is a student at Kingsley Elementary in Waterloo. Authorities say they continue to follow up on leads and that the case is being worked on a 24-hour basis.
A friend of the family has offered a $5000 reward for information that results in the two girls being located.
The search will continue Sunday morning for two  missing girls in Evansdale.  Volunteers willing to help look are asked  to meet at the Community Response Center in Evansdale at 8 a.m. Property  owners in Evansdale and surrounding areas are being asked to search  their land.
Volunteers must bring a valid drivers license or  another form of identification and must be at least 18 years old. They  are asked to dress appropriately for searching in heavily wooded areas.
Volunteers are asking for people to donate food  and water.  They also say there will be childcare available at the  Evansdale AmVets Hall beginning at 8 a.m.

Please help to forward this to everyone you know. Please help to bring these kids home safe and sound and please pray for their safety. Please please please help to bring these young girls home. The link from this is here.

Marvel:Don’t get Messed up!

Okay I have heard of the strong possibility of a Black Panther movie being made. Now this is what makes my face split into a huge grin, but as usual there is always a problem; the setting of the film won’t be in Africa. Um… Marvel do you want to die? The Black Panther is a Wakandian king and hero and he don’t give a watch-your-mouth about anything but the protection of his super rich kingdom and his people and you mean to tell me you can’t create a Wakanda on the big screen? Should I remind your dumb asses that you created Assgard, I mean seriously what the flip is that? The name let alone the white people all up in that place, it make no sense that the further you get from Earth the more white the people become but that is a post for another day, does not make one lick of sense; yet you were able to create it. So that means you can create Wakanda, but you don’t want to and that’s what it boils down to. I watched your dumbass Avengers movie, despite the fact there was no diversity, but if you already trying to fuck this up before it’s even shot, I am calling you out.

I get it the white people and the white Jews want to recolonize African countries, stick them with diseases to kill them off, because they can’t breed them out with the colorism fuckery they do over there, and steal their land and the last thing they need is for a fiction African country to be viewed as African kingdoms of the past, but you guys wanted to bring this to the big screen so you guys must do it right. I already knew bullshit would arise because white people working on something amazingly African with so-called “color-blindness” leaves room for an epic disaster i.e. how President Obama has been treated.

But this is all-or nothing, either go hard or go home and I mean this seriously. Do not even attempt this movie if you won’t do it the justice it deserves because you will not fuck up my childhood and one of the few African superheroes that are gangsta! In the words of Drake “don’t do it, please don’t do it,” if you can’t even do the location right. I mean where will he be the awesome King he is? In America? I’m sorry but seeing how America is the blind leading the blind on racism I don’t see how he would have an easy amazing time in this country.

I have to be real on this: You guys don’t want an African hero for Africans everywhere to look up to because you had no problem with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman and so on and making their movies because they are white, well I was tired of them because a white man with dark brown hair or blonde hair and various eye color is still white so the shit was a repeat of shit we have already seen. Since you guys already know the money you can make from these movies, do the right thing for the Black Panther movie because it is a movie that has been a long time coming and just cause You Only Live Once don’t mean you can’t and won’t get fucked up, financially of course.

If I sound passionate about this well its because this series is the truth and dang on it I want kids, all kids to look up to this great man because lawd knows Marvel messed up Storm, *weeps*. This series is also on Netflick so watch it 🙂