Movies are my jam. I like diverse movies and don’t care what language it is as long as there are English subtitles. Watching various movies from around the world has opened my eyes to a blinding truth, which I’ve known for years, about American movies: there is never any diversity.

American movies are centered on the notion and false belief that white is right and white is the default, anything else is other. All movies must have a white savior, or have white people as the main character or characters. I bet anyone reading this post can think of many movies with this, I’ll just post one of the most recent: The Avengers.

There can only be one token non-white member for other races and the list goes like this:

  • Black- Must die first/Comic relief
  • Asian- Ninja/Samurai/Nerd/Asexual
  • Indian- Funny accent/Sing/Dance/Belly dance
  • Native-American- wear little to almost no clothes/make Xena sounds

Oh and White women must be the most beautiful and stuff.

Movies with African-American leads are instantly categorized under stereotypes that are negative because who wants to see normal average everyday black people? Any movie that comes out with an all-black cast or most-black cast is instantly see as a black movie rather than a movie that can touch people universally. I find that interesting and troubling.

I dislike the lack of diversity in sci-fi movies and historic movies. History would be a big deal for me but movies specifically about slavery annoy me in more ways than one. We all know about slavery Roots has educated us in more ways than one, how about movies about Ancient African Kings, Queens, Chiefs, Commanders, Generals and Warriors? I guess that’s pushing the envelope huh?

It’s funny how behind America is when it comes to improving its movies and reflecting the diverse people that reside in its borders and that have helped to build it? It would also help if Native-Americans, whose land they are on, were represented in the correct way.



  1. And usually the argument is that white people have the buying power. So, it’s natural that the mainstream caters to them because they are mostly behind the billions of dollars flowing into Tinsel Town.

    • Yep, but they seem to forget that whites are not the majority and haven’t been for sometme. They are trying to keep whites at the top with these movies becuz they are scared and though it may work for them its very ineffective. Maybe the movies are an escape for whites. Also why are presidents in movies still white when we clearly don’t have on in office? Thanks for commenting

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